President's Office

President's Office

The President’s Office serves as a comprehensive department for coordinating the daily work of the university administrative system. The office mainly supports the University Senior Management Team in managing administrative work, coordinates university legal service related work, organises and supports major university-level events, and is responsible for communication and liaison with significant external institutions.

Roles and responsibilities

1) Administrative Affairs
• Coordinate and contact with superior supervisory units, key administrative departments, fraternal schools, and other external institutions
• Responsible for the internal circulation and handling of incoming documents at all levels, and the review and issue of university official documents
• University documenting work including drafting important comprehensive documents
• University archive management and service
• University official seals and certificates management
• Publish university administrative announcements and university-level notices
• Operate and manage the University Souvenir Shop
• Organise, coordinate and support major university-level events

2) Executive Assistance
• Support the daily work for the University Senior Management Team

3) External Liaison
• Arrange receptions for important external visitors, maintain contact and relationship

4) Governance and Compliance
• Coordinate university major decision-making conferences, and support supervision of corresponding resolution issues
• Coordinate and support university legal service related work, ensuring that the university operation meet relevant institutional governance and compliance requirements
• Manage and coordinate affairs for university’s affiliated entities

5) Information and Data
• Organise the data statistics and filling out of required educational statistics reports, assist in providing educational data to specialized reports of internal departments, and ensure data consistency

Contact us

Location: Room 1215, 12th floor, Central Building, SIP Campus
Office Hours: 9am to 12pm, 1pm to 5pm (MON.-FRI.)
Tel: +86-512-8818-9163
Fax: +86-512-8816-1999/8816-6555