As a new kind of international university, Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University (XJTLU) adheres to the rigorous international intellectual property academic tradition. The university always attaches importance to the collaboration with industry and intellectual property innovation. XJTLU strives to create an open and integrated innovation environment, and builds an industry-oriented form with value creation as the core.

In 2016, XJTLU issued the (Policy on Intellectual Property Rights), setting up professional staff to improve the intellectual property management process and carry out intellectual property operation management. At the same time, XJTLU Research Office set up a special fund for patent to support the technology research and development of the university. The fund fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of researchers and promote the healthy development of intellectual property work of XJTLU.

In 2019, in order to help academic staff to perform specialized intellectual property application, XJTLU cooperated with the domestic first-class professional company to help academic staff to explore the relationship between various innovation data and provide scientific innovation R&D management process through its professional patent search and analysis services. This initiative enhances the efficiency of innovation and research, with a view to transforming intellectual property information into market practical application value.

For patent related Issues, please contact: Lishu WU 0512-88167872

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