The International Innovation Research Institute of Third Generation Semiconductor Power Electronic Devices and Power Integration is based on the principles of China’s national 14th Five-Year Plan, which outlines a vision and strategy of reaching “carbon peak and carbon neutral” by 2035.

The Institute adheres to the concept of “industry-academia-research-application” and , focuses on the independent research and development and domestic replacement of third generation semiconductor power electronic devices.

The Institute leverages the advantages of nano, energy, microelectronics and information technology to break through the bottleneck of the third-generation semiconductor power electronic devices development and power integration technology. With its research, the Institute aims to help solve the problem that restricts the development of new energy power generation, electric vehicles, smart grids, and other strategic emerging industries.

The Institute studies the design, preparation, packaging, testing and power integration of third-generation semiconductor power electronic devices. Our research will also investigate key difficulties and weak links that need to be resolved to promote the development and application of high-frequency, high-temperature, high-power density and highly reliable power electronics intelligent power integrated circuits based on third-generation semiconductor materials.

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