XJTLU Wisdom Lake Macro-molecular Characterization Analysis Centre

XJTLU Wisdom Lake Macro-molecular Characterization Analysis Centre


Xi ‘an Jiaotong Liverpool University established the XJTLU Wisdom Lake Macro-molecular Characterization Analysis Centre in 2021 after intensive market research and demand analysis in accordance with the principle of “demand-oriented, index assessment, layout and step-by-step strategy” in order to empower biological drug development and consecutively promote the in-depth cooperation between government, industry, university and research institutes. The Centre is aimed to address the critically needed areas in research and development of innovative drugs, especially macromolecule-based innovative drugs, including the assessment for drug metabolism, efficacy and toxicity.

The Centre will be a publicly shared state-of-the-art platform focusing on basic and applied research. The Centre will explore open and collaborative research and development model and build a well-equipped cutting edge analytical platform with international standards to serve the national strategy and Suzhou local industry as well as to reduce the technology and equipment costs of small and medium sized research institutes/enterprises in order to increase effectiveness.

The Centre is committed to become one of the domestically leading laboratories in the field with its own distinct features, supporting high-end talent cultivation, establishment of internationalized talents cultivation system and exploration of a new mode of teaching and research cooperation. The Centre strives to build a forward-looking research base, promote the originality, transformation rate, speed and scale of research achievements in order to transform the university research value and the development of regional industry, influencing the improvement of industry quality across the country and forming a demonstration and leading effect.

Research areas

  • Proteomics (biomarker discovery and validation, drug target identification and validation, drug efficacy studies, etc.)
  • Metabolomics (new drug screening and development, drug MOA studies, pharmacology & toxicology studies, etc.)
  • Bioinformatics & Biostatistics (disease pathogenesis and mechanistic studies, related gene discovery, drug target analysis & novel drug discovery, and precision medicine, etc.)


The Centre has established a number of collaborations with local research institutes and biotech/pharma companies. The areas of collaboration include:

  • Biomarker discovery and validation
  • Drug target discovery/validation
  • Pathological studies of disease
  • Comprehensive protein identification
  • Comprehensive metabolomics studies
  • Analysis of affinity purified complexes
  • Labeled & label-free quantification
  • Secretome analysis
  • Crosslinking analysis
  • Large-scale proteomics research
  • Quantitative comparison of proteomes in multiple biological samples
  • Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics studies
  • Protein-protein, protein-drug interaction studies
  • PTM characterization