To establish a world-class academy with the purpose of advancing industry and shaping future society, through which partnerships with media and creative industries can meet industry needs, and train students and professionals to become cultural and creative leaders and knowledge generators.


  • To create a higher education model that tightly integrates media and creative technology, connecting society, industry and academia
  • To train entrepreneurial, cross-disciplinary elites with industry-specific skills and innovation-oriented mentalities
  • To create a community academy that provides opportunities and services to all generations of users
  • To provide a flexible learning and teaching experience that is multi-locational, in concordance with XJTLU’s Syntegrative Education model
  • To give direction to applied research opportunities that meet the needs of staff and industrial partners, as well as research-led teaching directed towards the maximisation of research outcomes
  • To facilitate industry and society involvement in media and creative technology through collaboration with industries in all aspects, including knowledge transfers and focused consultancies
  • To predict future trends within the industry, and support sustainable industrial development
  • To promote international collaboration, attract high-quality talents, and enhance the University brand at both national and international levels.
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