Introduction of MEGA

The MEGA International Creative Media Festival is an annual international event organized by the Academy of Film and Creative Technology at Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University. MEGA is an integrated Media, Exhibition, Graphics, and Art concept.

MEGA International Creative Media Festival aims to promote film, television and creative media communication and provide a platform for sharing between academia and industry. The MEGA International Creative Media Festival focuses on the diverse forms of creative media communication. It carries out activities combining different arrangements and exhibitions of digital media arts, including the “International Creative Media Competition”, “Film, New Media and Creative Technology Summit”, and guests’ sharing, inviting scholars, experts, and students to join together to explore the trends in film, television, and new media arts, and enhance communications between students and relevant industry professionals.

The opening ceremony of the 3rd MEGA International Creative Media Festival was held in Suzhou Centre on 12 May 2023, with 1.35 million hits on the live online broadcast; and the MEGA Film, TV, New Media, and Creative Science and Technology Summit held in xjtlu on 13 May 2023 with 1.58 million hits on the live online broadcast.

The 3rd MEGA attracted the active participation of 114 universities from 11 countries at home and abroad (China, UK, Russia, USA, Belgium, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Canada, South Korea, Bangladesh) and industry insiders. 348 entries were solicited for MEGA, with genres ranging from short drama, documentary, experimental shorts, installations, animation, VR, games, and more.

This year, the 4th MEGA International Creative Media Festival, which will be held under the theme of “Harmony,” have a more macroscopic perspective and be more cutting-edge and developmental. The 4th MEGA International Creative Media Festival will include International Creative Media Competition, Opening and Award Ceremony, “Film, New Media&Creative Technology”Summit,Digital Media Arts Exhibition, AFCT Graduation Exhibition and Screening of Awarded Works of MEGA International Creative Media Festival, among other activities.

The 4th MEGA will be held in Suzhou. From the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties to modern China, Suzhou has been one of the regions with a high degree of openness and solid economic vitality, carrying the thick cultural heritage of Jiangnan. “All living things grow together without harming each other, and paths run in parallel without contradicting each other,” i.e., respect for individuality, openness, tolerance, and harmony, which is precisely the consistent spiritual core of the Jiangnan cultural lineage, and the core appeal of the MEGA International Creative Media Festival.



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