Our Research Labs reflect our Industrial Design professional knowledge and practice experience, alongside our teaching practice at undergraduate and postgraduate level, through to doctorate level research and commercial industry design practice. Our successful network of industry collaborators, partners and stakeholders, provide us with new proposals that evaluate academic knowledge within realistic funded research programmes. These initiatives position our research profile within an international framework of critical Industrial Design Research practice, where embryonic ideas and innovations can inspire valuable future prototypes into sustainable ecologies and environments.

Our research activities are organized into three principal Research Labs, to align with leading international research:  X+ Experience and Interaction Design, S+ Social Innovation and M+ Future Making and Manufacture. With a primary focus on human values, this innovative research practice develop how future communities and environments can be formed, within Chinese and International cultural contexts.

X+ Experience & Interaction Lab considers the extent to which artificial digital realities can serve to represent and improve human experience in the natural world.

S+ Social Innovation Lab builds community-based research experiences and social design workshops, where local industry can be involved within the design practice.

M+ Future Making & Manufacture Lab reaches from Craft hand skills making through to Digital Prototyping, where research ideas generated in collaboration with the X+ and S+ Labs, can be taken through to industry manufactured production.

These three labs deliberately intend to challenge contemporary design paradigms, where social values collide with changes in technology, cultures and community, where innovations and ideas can be tested through realistic prototypes.