Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects
Year awarded Project name Principal investigator Funding body
2020 Intelligent Object Detection and Segmentation with High-Density 3D Point Cloud Data Kaizhu Huang Jiangsu Key Research and Development Programme
2019 Deep learning-based interactive Multiview Video Research Jimin Xiao NSFC General Programme
2019 Intelligent Architecture Image Retrieval and Recommendation Platform Design Kaizhu Huang External Industrial Project
2018 Investigation of Classifier Design Based on Adversarial Learning Kaizhu Huang NSFC General Programme
2018 Investigation on integrating internet texts in document recognition Qiufeng Wang NSFC General Programme
2018 Research on Learning to Rank Algorithm in Commodity Search Xiaobo Jin NSFC Joint Project
2018 Investigation on handwritten Chinese text recognition based on multi-modal analysis Qiufeng Wang Jiangsu Science and Technology Programme
2018 Deep leaning-based industry defect detection Jimin Xiao External Industrial Project