China Outside

‘China Outside’ is an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental initiative housed in the Department of International Studies. ‘China Outside’ brings together both XJTLU and external academics that research under one or a number of themes that fit under the following topics: ‘China and the World’ (focusing on various social, economic and political interactions between China and the world), ‘The World in China’ (focusing on perceptions, representations, scholarship and, broadly, understanding of the outside/world within China) and ‘Transnational China’ (cultural and social change through international exposure in China).

The first roundtable workshop was held in December 2020 hosted by Dr Nicole Talmacs (Department of International Studies) and Dr Dragan Pavlićević (Department of China Studies). External participants in the workshop stemmed from the University of Milan (Italy), Institute for Australia India Engagement (Australia), Middle East Technical University (Turkey), Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (Japan), among others. An edited volume of the workshop’s output is forthcoming.

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