The Department of Translation and Interpreting is a research- and practice-led department. It has a strong body of academic staff members and provides a unique international environment in which our students are able to significantly increase their bilingual proficiency and develop their cross-cultural communication skills. Supported and advised by prestigious adjunct professors from around the world, the department has created an international research profile in translation and interpreting, with an emphasis on generating research publications in highly ranked academic journals and with internationally renowned publishers.

The specific aims of the Department of Translation and Interpreting are to:

  • create “translation+” programmes of study at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels that will be attractive to both Chinese and international students
  • provide world-class translation training to Chinese and international students, with a particular focus on Chinese-English translation and interpreting, Chinese cultural promotion, digital humanities and computer-aided translation
  • develop a centre of research excellence in translation, interpreting and translation technology that is recognised within China and internationally
  • proactively engage with the wider academic communities and collaborate with international and domestic businesses to offer language service in various areas.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Department of Translation and Interpreting!

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