Actuarial Science


The MSc Actuarial Science is a full time postgraduate programme aimed primarily at students with undergraduate degrees from the disciplines of mathematics, statistics, finance, insurance or any other programme with a high mathematical content. This programme covers a series of core modules mapping to the professional exams from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) in UK and Society of Actuaries (SOA) in North America. Upon completion of this programme, the students will equip with a wide range of actuarial skills and problem-solving capabilities in risk management, stochastic modeling, data analysis, predictive analytics, and life and non-life insurance pricing and reserving etc.

Why study Actuarial Science at XJTLU?

  • XJTLU’s Actuarial Science programmes have the UCAP–Advanced Curriculum (UCAP-AC) accreditation from the Society of Actuaries (SOA) in North America. The undergraduate Actuarial Science programme has received subject exemption from 3 core exams from IFoA (CS1,CM1 and CM2).
  • MSc Actuarial Science programme at XJTLU provides the students a series of modules to learn the essential python/R programming skills in actuarial science and data analytics.
  • Students will have access to a variety of resources from academic and professional platforms, including the Intelligent Computing and Financial Technology Laboratory (ICFT) and various research seminars in Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics delivered by well-known researchers around the world.
  • Our faculties offer powerful support both academically and professionally, with members affiliated to IFoA and SOA who can offer professional advice and up-to-date industry development.
  • Students have the opportunities to meet with affiliated Actuaries through the regular workshops hosted by IFoA and SOA at our University; students also have the chance to undertake internships and work placements at firms in the insurance and finance industries.

Knowledge and skills

The modules offered in this programme will provide strong theoretical foundations and practical skills in mathematics, statistics, insurance, actuarial science, quantitative finance and business management. Those knowledge and skills can not only apply to traditional industries such as insurance, financial markets and emerging markets, but also involve with medical and health institutions, government management institutions, industry and engineering, education and agriculture, etc.

Through the study of these core modules, students will gain professional knowledge in following fields:

  • Life and non-life insurance pricing and reserving
  • Data analysis and predictive analytics for insurance and finance
  • Probability and statistical models and methods in actuarial science and quantitative finance
  • Asset and liability valuation models
  • Insurance and financial risk measurement and management
  • Corporate financial management

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  • Implement core mathematical, statistical and computational knowledge and skills in practical tasks related to the insurance, finance and risk management fields.
  • Understand and fulfil the role of an actuary in a commercial or regulatory organisation.
  • Apply relevant methodologies appropriately in the analysis and process of different data.
  • Put into practice the programming skills learned with software such as R, MATLAB, Python and Excel for financial and actuarial modelling.
  • Undertake projects using scientific research methodologies.

MSc Actuarial Science is a programme critical for gaining the skills and knowledge that will lead to professional actuarial success, and provides a sound education in mathematics, statistics and data analysis, finance, risk management and insurance.

Dr Ran Xu

Programme Director

The study of actuarial science at XJTLU has helped me find the motivation and goal to pursue a life in academic research.

Yixin Sun

PhD candidate of insurance at CUFE, MSc. Actuarial Science 2023 class

The study of actuarial science at XJTLU enhances us statistics and finance knowledge and professional skills such as coding and mathematical modeling, which is valuable in both academic and career.

Dengfeng Pan

Game Designer (Combat & Balancing) at Netease(ThunderFire),  MSc. Actuarial Science 2023 class


Some of our graduates become actuarial trainees and study for professional examinations. Others embark on some of the following lucrative careers:

  • Investment banking and investment management
  • Accountancy
  • Commercial banking
  • Insurance
  • Financial analysis
  • Management
  • Consulting
  • Regulation
  • Computing and programming
  • Research and teaching.

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