The MRes Computer Science programme is designed to develop your understanding of the research process.

Computer Science


We are living in a world where computer science has transformed almost every aspect of our daily lives. This rapidly changing field is always looking for innovative professionals who can improve the way people work and live.

The MRes Computer Science programme provides you with the knowledge and skills to work at the industry forefront. It aims to develop and enhance your research skills while allowing you to explore a specific field, such as artificial intelligence, visual analytics, big data analytics, robotics, virtual/augmented/mixed reality and so on.

The programme will prepare you for the IT industry or industrial research and development. Graduates can also pursue a PhD degree and further their academic careers.

XJTLU-JITRI Joint-Supervision Pathway

This programme also offers XJTLU-JITRI joint supervision pathway which leverage the strength from both XJTLU and the research institutes and leading enterprises of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI) to promote in-depth integration between industry, education and research. Through the unique training model integrating specialised module study, industrial research practice and dual supervision mechanism, we aim to cultivate cross-disciplinary talents who are innovative, application-oriented and with high-level international perspective.

Please click here to find more information about XJTLU-JITRI joint Master education.

Why study Computer Science at XJTLU?

  • Experience an intellectually stimulating environment at a modern, research-led international university
  • Tailor your studies to suit your interests and ambitions by choosing from modules such as machine learning, cloud computing, data mining, big data analytics and so on
  • Engage in research under the supervision of our academic staff or our partners from the Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, with the possibility of presenting your results at international conferences and publishing them in leading journals
  • Benefit from specialised on-campus lab facilities for operating systems, networking, and virtual/augmented reality technologies
  • Take advantage of XJTLU’s location close to many international high-tech companies with opportunities for networking, internships and site visits
  • Earn a University of Liverpool degree that is recognised by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Knowledge and skills

By the time you graduate from the MRes Computer Science programme, you will have:

  • an advanced understanding of the theoretical fundamentals and current trends in computer science
  • knowledge of the key research issues in specialised areas in computer science
  • skills in project management and the design, implementation and evaluation of IT solutions.

The programme allows you to develop the knowledge and skills needed to work at the forefront of computer science research. It will prepare you for a research and development career or a PhD degree at a top university.

Thomas Selig

Programme director


*Programme modules listed are illustrative only and subject to change.

The university offers a broad range of activities aiming to enrich master students’ theoretical and experiential learning and professional development. Trainings, workshops and seminars, covering varieties of themes and topics, both generic and subject-specific, are often offered at both university and school/department levels. You may also be provided with opportunities to work as a teaching assistant, research assistant, or intern at XJTLU. Depending on the programme, field trips and company visits may be organized, and invited talks may be given by the industrial experts and professionals. Such activities will not only support you in your programme study, but also develop your personal and professional skills and enhance your overall employability.


Graduates from this programme will be well-prepared for positions such as research and development engineer, systems developer and project leader in IT companies. The programme also offers an ideal foundation to pursue a PhD degree and a career in academic research.

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