With advancements in pharmaceuticals rapidly expanding worldwide, the pharmaceutical industry has grown at an unprecedented rate. Demand for pharmaceutical talents, especially those who master advanced technology and applied professionals, is growing rapidly. The BEng Biopharmaceuticals programme aims to cultivate professional talents with the following qualities: high-level knowledge and skills in biopharmaceuticals; passion for life sciences; solid knowledge of basic biology, pharmacy and chemistry; mastery of basic theory as well as specialised understanding and basic skills in areas including medicine, pharmaceutical chemistry, biopharmaceuticals, biological pharmacy, molecular biology, and pharmaceutical management; good command of the English language (especially text writing and literature retrieval) and computer skills; ability to conduct biological, chemical and pharmaceutical experiments; ability to engage in investment and financing or management of pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical-related industry analysis, product development and services in international biopharmaceutical enterprises in China or internationally; solid mathematical and specialised academic knowledge and skills that will provide a strong foundation for further study; an innovative and cooperative outlook; practical abilities; and a motivation for social responsibility.

The BEng Biopharmaceuticals programme is deeply integrated with biomedical engineering, chemistry and biology (biochemistry, molecular and cellular engineering and synthetic biology), regenerative medicine and other disciplines. The XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy has recruited high-level international academics in related disciplines. Students will have the opportunity to communicate and learn with academic staff from a variety of disciplines, laying a broad foundation for exploring the wider world after graduation.

Programme advantages

The programme focuses on cultivating biopharmaceutical professionals with international perspectives and capabilities and provides opportunities for further study, so that graduates can become innovative, multi-talented and application-oriented professionals.

  • Unique teaching methodology XJTLU emphasises the development of students’ independent and research-led learning abilities. The University’s unique teaching methods integrate the best of three higher education systems: the Chinese system’s focus on a concrete foundation, the British system’s rigorous quality assurance methods, and the American system’s flexibility and focus on innovation. In addition, the cluster of biopharmaceutical enterprises in Suzhou Industrial Park provide an advantage, enabling the Academy to hire professionals from nearby pharmaceutical companies to participate in teaching and learning design, ensuring the integration of teaching and practice.
  • Seamless integration of education and industry The Academy of Pharmacy strives to continuously improve the quality of its teaching and talent training. Entrepreneurs and professionals from pharmaceutical companies are employed to contribute to curriculum design and students’ education, which includes not only academic teaching and experiments, but also opportunities for practical application and team collaboration.
  • An international faculty team of academic and industry experts The Academy has employed the founders and senior research and development (R&D) personnel of biopharmaceutical enterprises as adjunct professors. In addition, our academic staff with practical biopharmaceutical experience teach our key modules. These practices enable us to integrate biopharmaceutical practice into our teaching and training. Leading professionals from biopharmaceutical enterprises participate in developing teaching content, linking the Academy to internships, and creating other practical experiences for students.
  • Internship and training opportunities at the forefront of development The Academy has established strategic relations with well-known Chinese biomedical companies, providing students with opportunities to experience front-line production research first-hand.
  • Industry standard equipment covering all stages of biopharmaceutical research and development To prepare undergraduate talents for a future in modern pharmaceutical R&D and production, the laboratory and other equipment meets international and industrial standards, covering biopharmaceutical R&D through drug discovery, drug modification, drug expression, drug purification, and drug efficacy evaluation in different stages. The cutting-edge facilities and tools will expand students’ horizons along with their basic knowledge, and enhance their abilities to participate in leading biopharmaceutical development R&D.

Knowledge and skills

This four-year program will provide students with the following knowledge and skills:

  • solid basic knowledge of biology, pharmacy and chemistry, as well as an understanding of the latest developments and trends in biopharmaceuticals;
  • proficiency in fundamental theories; relevant professional knowledge and basic skills in medicine, pharmaceutical chemistry, biopharmaceuticals, and molecular biology; and biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical administration;
  • a solid mathematical and biopharmaceuticals foundation for further study;
  • basic knowledge and understanding of the methods of applying modern biotechnology to research and development of biopharmaceuticals;
  • capability to use theoretical knowledge and technology to study and solve problems related to biopharmaceutical development;
  • understanding of the limitations and complexity of biopharmaceutical applications, with the ability to analyse and optimise experimental methods; and ability to design, execute and analyse test results; process data; and draw scientific conclusions.

Suzhou Industrial Park is an emerging biopharmaceutical research and development centre in China, where more than 1,900 biopharmaceutical companies have created an output value of more than 100 billion RMB annually. XJTLU’s BEng Biopharmaceuticals programme is emerging at a historic moment. We look forward to welcoming students who have the drive to work hard in the service of human health!

Dr Jie Zhang

Associate Professor


Students pursuing a BEng Biopharmaceuticals degree will have access to a number of exciting career options:

  • continue studies at a prestigious university in China or internationally;
  • engage in resource development, product development, drug quality control, drug production technology management, validation or other work related to biological drugs;
  • participate in biopharmaceutical research and development (R&D), production, or operation and management in entities including biopharmaceutical production and management enterprises, biopharmaceutical research and development units, drug control institutes and drug administration departments, bioengineering companies, or other workplaces related to biopharmaceuticals;
  • join a hospital or scientific research institute engaged in research; and work in biopharmaceutical sales and education or other careers in public health such as food and drug administration, disease control, or community health.
Main employment fields: biopharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, medical device companies, consulting companies, investment companies, medical testing institutions, hospitals, government agencies, etc.

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