Human Resource Management


The effective management of human resources is crucial to business success. Students in this programme will learn how human resources are strategically managed within various organisational contexts. You will be introduced to up-to-date human resource management theories and practices. You will acquire a wide range of intellectual, interpersonal and technical skills that are relevant to this field, and understand the frameworks used to manage employer and employee relationships. We also highly encourage constructive and critical thinking towards the role of strategic human resource management within the wider business world.

Why should I study Human Resource Management at XJTLU?

By studying this course, you can expect to:

  • gain knowledge and skills essential to effective talent management within various organisations;
  • take advantage of the unique opportunity to study and understand both Chinese and international human resources management systems;
  • gain a comprehensive understanding of the academic research methodology and advancements in the field of human resource management;
  • leverage IBSS’s extensive network of national and international enterprises through company visits, guest lectures and access to employability services; and
  • earn two degrees – an XJTLU degree from China’s Ministry of Education and a globally recognised degree from the University of Liverpool, a member of the Russell Group of leading UK universities.
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Knowledge and skills

By the time you graduate, you will understand:

  • human resource management theory, and general management theory and practice;
  • the legal frameworks concerned with employment and their implications for human resource management policies and functions;
  • the ways in which individuals, groups and organisations learn, interact and cooperate, and relate them to individual and organisational change and development strategies;
  • the challenges that changing working patterns and environments pose to human resource management; and
  • a range of intellectual, interpersonal and technical skills that are relevant to human resource management and business management.

Studying this programme is a transformative experience. Our faculty includes both professors that are research focused and practitioners with extensive industry experience. You will learn to think critically and innovatively in an international business environment. We develop leaders that make a difference in business and society.

Bin Ding

Programme director

Alone you cannot do much; however, great things can be accomplished if you successfully convey your vision and passion to a group of people that follow your leadership and become your future employees. This concept I learnt from my major, is solidifying my determination to develop an unforgettable future career.

Martina Taddei

Student, BA Human Resource Management


Graduates will be well-prepared for positions including but not limited to: human resource management generalist, recruitment specialist, training professional, transformational management professional, management consultant, and employment researcher. You will also gain a solid foundation for postgraduate study, such as a master’s degree in management, industrial-organisational psychology, MBA and more.

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