Intelligent Robotics Engineering with Contemporary Entrepreneurialism


In recent years, intelligent robotics and artificial intelligence technologies have made tremendous advances. This progress has greatly benefitted society, reducing intensive and repetitive work and enhancing labour productivity and safety.

The School of Robotics at XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) has developed the BEng Intelligent Robotics Engineering with Contemporary Entrepreneurialism to satisfy China’s development needs related to intelligent robotics engineering. The programme will also play a part in digitalisation, networkisation (transforming entities into network forms), informatisation (integrating and using information and communication technologies), and intelligentisation (using AI that can make decisions) in contemporary society globally. The programme advances the curriculae and education models of relevant disciplines such as computer science, electrical and electronics, communications, and mechatronics. The programme promotes development of applications, intelligence and automation to help achieve the transformation from “Made in China” to “Innovative Manufacturing in China”.

To narrow the gap between university education and real industrial needs, we are transforming traditional education through XJTLU’s innovative Syntegrative Education Model, bridging knowledge in the field of intelligent robotics with entrepreneurship, innovation, and collaboration with industry partners. To introduce to undergraduate education the latest industrial practices and address real industrial challenges, the School of Robotics is collaborating with leading companies including Siasun, ECOVACS, DeepBlue, BOHHOM, Inovance, FAIR Robotics, Kärcher, and 3S Robotics. This approach not only provides students with in-depth insights into the latest industry developments, and approaches, but also enhances students’ goal-oriented thinking and problem-solving abilities. To help students develop into elite talents who can lead the development of emerging industries, we also offer modules and training in leadership and communication, innovative thinking, entrepreneurial practice, and teamwork.

Why study BEng Intelligent Robotics Engineering with Contemporary Entrepreneurialism at XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang)?

  • Experience XJTLU’s exciting and innovative Syntegrative Education Model, preparing a new generation of successful professionals and industry elites who can drive the development of future industries that are fast paced, rapidly changing, and driven by intelligent technologies;
  • Pursue interdisciplinary studies covering technologies and entrepreneurialism;
  • Benefit from mentoring and training from industry experts at the College’s unique industry-themed schools, which feature partnerships with leading businesses;
  • Enjoy the advantage of XJTLU’s strategic location in Taicang’s High-Tech Development Zone, with its rapidly expanding technology-driven industries;
  • Learn through practical application, using your knowledge and skills to solving real problems in research and industry;
  • Study in purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities at XJTLU’s new Taicang base;
  • Graduate with world-class qualifications, receiving two degrees: an XJTLU degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education and a globally recognised degree from the University of Liverpool, a member of the Russell Group of leading UK universities.

Knowledge and skills

By the time students graduate from the BEng Intelligent Robotics Engineering with Contemporary Entrepreneurialism, they will have:

  • a solid foundation related to robotics, including computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligent automation, electrical and electronics, communication and sensing, and mechatronics;
  • hands-on industry experience gained through site visits and internships;
  • comprehensive knowledge of entrepreneurship and leadership and the concepts of project management and innovation and the ability to apply them in a practical setting; and
  • high-level communication, interpersonal, problem-solving and analytical skills that are transferable across a range of careers and industries.

Welcome to the BEng Intelligent Robotics Engineering with Contemporary Entrepreneurialism, where you will use an entrepreneurial mindset to learn about intelligent robot systems. In this programme, you will learn comprehensive related cutting-edge technologies (such as robot systems and control, AI, machine learning, deep learning, and more) with the help of our industrial partners. In addition, you will train to develop your own ideas and vision into the next successful technology-based enterprise. We cannot wait to meet you.

Dr Sami Hajjaj

Programme director


Major modules in the BEng Intelligent Robotics Engineering with Contemporary Entrepreneurialism cover the fundamentals of science and engineering disciplines including academic English, mathematics, and physics, laying a solid foundation for future study. These modules cover intelligent robotics and related topics, including computer science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, intelligent automation, electrical and electronics, communication and sensing, and mechatronics. Teaching and training provided in the programme reflects digitalisation, high band-width networking, artificial intelligence, and data science in the 21st century, enhancing students’ knowledge fundamentals and interdisciplinary backgrounds.

We also offer minor modules in leadership and communications, innovative thinking, business models, entrepreneurial practices, and teamwork, cultivating elite industry professionals who will lead and drive the future development of emerging industries in intelligent robotics and artificial intelligence. Graduates from the BEng Intelligent Robotics Engineering with Contemporary Entrepreneurialism will be familiar with fundamental theories and skills in the discipline of intelligent robotics engineering, adapt to the needs of China’s strategic development  and international technological frontiers, meet the development requirements of industries and society, understand international regulations, and become highly qualified, innovative, and practically skilled elite industry professionals with strong international communication abilities.


Graduates from the BEng Intelligent Robotics Engineering with Contemporary Entrepreneurialism will have diverse opportunities for future studies and careers. The first cohort of graduates (2023) received diverse postgraduate programme offers.

Among them, 44.44% received offers from intelligent robotics engineering programmes, while 23.46% received offers from programmes focusing on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision. 12.35% were in the medical, healthcare, and biomedical fields, while 9.88% came from advanced intelligent control and systems engineering, computer science, intelligent computation, and mechatronics programmes. There were also offers from aerospace and aircraft technologies programmes, autonomous driving programmes, and finance and business programmes, accounting for 3.7%, 1.23% and 1.23% respectively. This demonstrates that graduates of this undergraduate programme have excellent employment prospects in various fields.

Based on the objectives for educating talent and students’ self-development, graduates from this programme will have opportunities to work in research institutes, manufacturing enterprises, and integrated application companies in intelligent robotics engineering fields or related disciplines. They may work in high-end technology, advanced systems (system design, quality control, solutions, project management, and product management), industry applications (innovation and entrepreneurship, project management, and product innovation), and more.

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