The programme aims to offer students a comprehensive introduction to translation and interpreting

Translation and Interpreting


Students in the BA Translation and Interpreting programme will gain a wide range of disciplinary and domain-specific knowledge, build up solid bilingual communication skills with sufficient information communication technology training, and have a critical awareness of the role of translators and interpreters in a broader social, business and intercultural context.

Throughout their studies, students will develop the intellectual, interpersonal, technical, research and analytical skills required to build a successful career within and beyond the translation and language services industries. In addition, they will learn to adapt and respond positively to the changing circumstances in the market.


Knowledge and skills

By the time you graduate from the BA in Translation and Interpreting, you will have:

  • a strong understanding of the key principles and new developments in the translation and interpreting discipline;
  • high quality translation and interpreting skills to suit national strategy and market needs;
  • the capacity to meaningfully translate Chinese cultural, literary and social science texts for the English-speaking world;
  • abundant awareness of intercultural communication in an international context;
  • the ability to effectively use digital technology within the translation process;
  • a broad sense of translation and interpreting in a social, geopolitical and business context; and
  • a comprehensive set of soft skills that enhance graduate adaptability and employability.

BA Translation and Interpreting enables students to become well-rounded professionals with disciplinary knowledge in translation studies, the essential skillset required by employers in the translation and interpreting profession, and employability to fit the dynamic working environment in the digital age.

Dr Zhiwei Han

Programme Director


What are my career prospects? Graduates will enjoy a wide range of professional career choices within and outside translation and language-related industries. In translation and language-related industries, graduates will be able to develop themselves as a high-end translator and interpreter, a localisation project coordinator/manager, and language professional. In non-language-related industries, graduates will be able to work effectively as a government official, diplomat, businessperson, journalist, editor, broadcaster, software developer, gaming researcher, international product manager, and consultant. In addition to these jobs, students will also have the opportunities to pursue MA/PhD studies.

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