Yuanzhe Li


研究主题:Investigating Promotional Pricing in Online Food Retailing in China

导师团队:Hao Lan, Eddy Fang, Haifeng Fu, Ritesh Jain


Dorian-Christ Philippe Okemba


研究主题:How to Promote Economic Growth in The CFA franc Zone? Lessons from The People’s Republic of China and Latin America

导师团队:Juann Hung, Adam Cross, Yavuz Arslan


Yujie Shi


研究主题:Current Trends and Recommendations for E-Commerce in the 21st Century

导师团队:Nimesh Salike, Hossam Shawkat Ismail, Olga Gorelkina


Rui Tan


研究主题:Dynamic Efficiency Assessment of Tourism Industry in China: A Nonparametric Meta-Frontier Approach

导师团队:Linjia Zhang, Yingchan Luo


Guimin Yao


研究主题:Commodity Price Pass-Through on Inflation

导师团队:Syed Abbas, Hao Lan, Ritesh Jain


Yujia Zhong


研究主题:The Impact of Wealth Management Product Maturity Mismatch on Banking Performance: Evidence from China

导师团队:Sheng Zhao, Charlie Cai

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