We guarantee all students accommodation near to our beautiful campus.

Life at XJTLU

The accommodation facilities our students stay in are located within the Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District and managed privately by the Suzhou Industrial Park Education Development and Investment Limited Company.

You will receive information about your accommodation options once you have received your unconditional offer. We will assist in booking accommodation once you have paid your deposit to secure your place at XJTLU. Where possible, we will try to allocate you to your first choices. However, due to supply and demand, we may not be able to satisfy your first choice.

Accommodation options for international students

All international students are guaranteed accommodation throughout their study at XJTLU. Accommodation options range from studios to five-bedroom apartments (subject to availability with preference given to advanced bookings).

Most students stay in the Wencui Parfait apartments where each student has a private bedroom with en-suite bathroom - the average monthly rental fee is RMB 1,600 per month. Rents range from RMB 1,200 per month to RMB 2,100 per month depending on the length of the contract.

If preferred, postgraduate international students can access cheaper, basic dormitory accommodation which is either single or shared (see below) with prices ranging from 300-500 RMB per month.

All accommodation bookings are subject to availability and prices may fluctuate from those advertised here. In order to check current availability and prices please email [email protected].

Accommodation options for Mainland Chinese students


  • Four students sharing one dormitory room
  • Fee: RMB 2,200 per bed per academic year (excluding utilities and internet fees).


  • Two students share one dormitory room
  • Fee: RMB 2,750 per bed per academic year (excluding utilities and internet fees).


  • One PhD student in one dormitory room
  • Fee: RMB 3,850 per dorm per academic year (excluding utilities and internet fees).

Home from home

Close to campus

Accommodation options are all within walking distance of our campus meaning you can get to lectures, visit the library and spend time on campus easily and quickly.

Student community

Being located in the Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District means we are surrounded by countless other universities and their students, meaning there are abundant affordable places to eat and regular events taking place to keep you entertained.

Cost of living

Suzhou boasts a reasonable cost of living. Accommodation expenses (excluding utilities and internet access) vary depending on the type of accommodation you choose.

Access to the city

It’s easy to get a taxi or bus from our accommodation to other areas of Suzhou for socialising, cultural trips or shopping.