Living costs

Living costs

As lifestyles differ, the cost of living on the Chinese mainland also varies enormously. Below is a representative monthly sample that you can refer to when budgeting for your living costs:



Student A –Resides in the dorms and lives inexpensively, eating only food from the university canteen, and regularly takes the bus or metro for traveling. Student B –Resides in private halls and lives inexpensively during the week but occasionally gets food from nicer restaurants. They typically take the bus but will take taxis occasionally. Student C –Lives the “expat” lifestyle, normally eating in Western restaurants. They own a bicycle or an e-bike and take taxis regularly.
Rent 1,800 (for Parfait Apartment’s over 90 days contract) 2,700 (for Scholar’s Garden’s over 90 days contract) >3,500 for private studio apartments
Utilities 300 450 600
Internet 100 100 100
Mobile phone 100 100 100
Food 1,300 1,800 3,000
Transport 100 300 300
Luxuries 0 1,000 2,000
Monthly total 3,700 6,450 9,600

Note: Rent is subject to moderate change, so please make sure your budget provides you with flexibility.

Additionally, you should also allocate funds for the following costs:

  • Rent deposit (varies from place to place, usually one month’s worth of rent).
  • 2,000 RMB/year or 1,000 RMB/semester to cover service charges (for example, textbooks, ID card, printing, etc.).
  • Travel costs (for example, bus, taxi, train, flight).
  • Visa issuance (400 RMB).