The conference will have academic activities on August 30 and 31. There will be two options for a citywalk on September 1. The conference participant can choose one city walk out of two options, as both city walks will be scheduled to run at the same time. Both activities included guided walks. One city walk focuses on history and cultural heritage, while the other incorporates technology into the experience. The registration link will be sent to participants closer to the conference date.

Citywalk 1

Suzhou Heritage

Organiser: Siqi Deng

A two-hour guided tour will start at Shuangta Market in Suzhou, providing an opportunity to explore the local culture and lifestyles. The tour will first cover the history and development of the area and then move on to Pingjiang Road, a well-developed heritage area and tourist destination. In 2005, the Pingjiang historical district received an honourable mention in the Asia-Pacific Heritage Award by UNESCO; in 2009, Pingjiang Road was selected as one of the first batch of “Ten Famous Historical and Cultural Streets” in China. The tour will also visit the Couple’s Retreat Garden, which is a national cultural relic and a UNESCO world heritage site. It consists of three main parts: a large residential complex with smaller houses in the centre, and two gardens located to the east and west. After the tour, participants can further explore the historic houses, bridges, and lanes in the Pingjiang district.

Citywalk 2

Canal City Walk Workshop

Organiser: MinJoo Baek

“Capturing Heritage: AR Enhanced Photo-walk along the Suzhou Canal” is a two-hour interactive workshop designed to blend technology with cultural heritage. Participants will explore the rich history and architectural significance of the Suzhou Canal using their smartphones, engaging in a guided walk through the old town canal. Leveraging photography, AI, and AR technologies, the workshop offers a fun and educational experience. Attendees will capture the canal’s attractions, learn about its cultural history, and appreciate its architectural beauty in an interactive manner. The workshop aims to foster cross-cultural exchange and appreciation through shared activities of photography and storytelling. By combining the art of photography with AI and AR innovations, this workshop provides a unique opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding and appreciation of cultural heritage. Participants are encouraged to download recommended AI and AR photography apps beforehand.

A bus will be provided for each trip, but lunch will not be included. Participants will need to arrange their own transportation after the tour.