Nibble: A bite-sized Exhibition of Transdisciplinary Arts by ATE

2023-12-15 5:30 PM

2023-12-19 11:59 PM

Buidling G, XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang)

The School of Cultural Technology sincerely invites you to attend the exhibition entitled Nibble: A bite-sized Exhibition of Transdisciplinary Arts by ATE. The exhibition is a showcase of work developed by students from the BA Arts, Technology, and Entertainment and will be on display until December 19th. Welcome to join us in the foyer of Building G!

Nibble: A bite-sized Exhibition of Transdisciplinary Arts by ATE is a captivating event that brings together a diverse range of creative practices, showcasing the innovative intersection of AI, Healthcare, Installation Art, and Speculative Design. This unique exhibition features a collection of thought-provoking exhibits that explore the potential future of design and technology. Visitors will be immersed in an interactive experience where contemporary technologies such as Arduino, Augmented Reality, and projection mapping are utilized to push the boundaries of artistic expression. From immersive installations to speculative design prototypes, this exhibition offers a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that emerge from the fusion of creativity and technology, inviting visitors to contemplate the future of our society and its intersection with design.

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