The School of Cultural Technology

The School of Cultural Technology pioneers the latest in creative disciplines and cutting-edge art practices, encompassing game design, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, AI, visual art, computational media, generative art, performance, interactive media, networked art, prototyping physical interfaces, installation art, experimental filmmaking, and animation. With a dynamic focus on crafting compelling cultural events, producing captivating artistic productions, and curating innovative art exhibitions, our school stands at the forefront of shaping the future of the culture, creative, and art industries.

In close collaboration with the industry, students also acquire industry and technical experience to develop entrepreneurial and professional skills in art, entertainment, content creation, and project management. Through completing a series of practical and research-based projects, students explore how to become independent practitioners and entrepreneurs capable of anticipating changes and communicating strategically with stakeholders at all levels.

Our current industry partners include:

Modern Art Museum Shanghai
Jingtiancheng (Suzhou) Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
Hanshan Art Museum
Fangshu Culture Communication Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Weisi Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Our current learning partners include:

Audiokinetic (Wwise)

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