The MSc Project Management programme will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully manage projects in a variety of industries and contexts.

Project Management


The demand for effective project managers is on the rise, with an estimated 40% of all global economicactivities conducted through projects . The MSc Project Management programme at IBSS is the first educational programme in China registered by the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

Following the IPMA ICB4 standards, the MSc Project Management programme features a blend of core project management techniques and vital soft skills. Through this combination, the programme provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully manage projects in various industries and backgrounds.

Within a learning environment fully embedded with technology, MSc Project Management students can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to develop into the next generation of top talent in this field. IBSS students are also able to take advantage of the school’s extensive industry links with companies in Suzhou and Shanghai for their research and future careers, as well as the school’s own research centres.

Why should I study Project Management at XJTLU?

  • It is the first IPMA-registered educational programme in China;
  • The programme is taught in English to prepare students for the international workplace;
  • Full-time students can get an MSc degree within 18 months;
  • Students will be able to effectively initiate, plan, execute and close projects of various scales and complexity in the highly competitive global market;
  • Students will develop soft skills that enable them to navigate their professional environment, work well with others, perform successfully and achieve their career goals; and
  • Students will earn an MSc degree from the University of Liverpool, recognised by China’s Ministry of Education.

Knowledge and skills

By the time you graduate from the MSc Project Management programme, you will have:

  • the project management knowledge required to meet the demands of a highly competitive global market, including the effective planning, execution, control and supervision of projects varying in size and complexity;
  • a set of key skills related to managing stakeholder expectations, risk and quality assurance;
  • preparation for the domestic and foreign project management job markets through analysis and evaluation of practice-based content from the perspectives of practice and theory; and
  • opportunities to learn how to drive the growth of future companies and achieve strategic goals at the project level and the organisation as a whole.

Great companies run projects to drive value creation. The MSc Project Management programme is equipped with a curriculum that combines hard techniques and soft capabilities, helping students become experts in project management.

Zhiqin Ni

Programme director


The university offers a broad range of activities aiming to enrich master students’ theoretical and experiential learning and professional development. Trainings, workshops and seminars, covering varieties of themes and topics, both generic and subject-specific, are often offered at both university and school/department levels. Additionally, IBSS programmes offer discipline- specific supplementary modules which will aid to broaden your knowledge in that specific field and enhance your skills. These would include opportunities to work as a teaching assistant, research assistant, or intern at XJTLU. Depending on the programme, field trips and company visits will be organized, and invited talks will be given by the industrial experts and professionals. All these activities will not only support you in your programme study, but also develop your personal and professional skills and enhance your overall career and employability.

During the last semester of my masters, I undertook a work placement at a Chinese-German company which gave me valuable work experience and the opportunity to apply project management knowledge, such as stakeholder management and how to implement projects in a real-life, fast-moving environment. I was also able to apply some of the intercultural and multilingual skills in English and Chinese I developed during my studies.

Svenja Hilgert

Student, MSc Project Management(Full time)


Graduates from this programme go on to work in project management roles across a range of industries, including e-commerce, oil and gas, software, IT, construction, airlines, consulting, retail, and manufacturing. In addition to greatly improving project management employment prospects, MSc Project Management also provides a solid foundation for students to further their studies with a PhD.

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