Our staff are relatively young, highly research-active, with access to excellent facilities. We want to attract adventurous researchers from around the world to join us.
Professor Fei Ma
Associate Vice President of Research and Impact

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) is a new kind of research-led international university, where researchers are committed to pursuing high quality academic research. XJTLU brings together researchers from around the globe to explore new discoveries and generate scientific breakthroughs.

The University offers the creative and supportive environment for XJTLU researchers to deploy knowledge in a wide range of fields and specialties. The excellence and diversity of our research span dozens of departments, schools/ academies, and affiliated institutions. Researchers at XJTLU collaborate across disciplines to meet societal need and tackle local, national and global challenges.

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Data from 31 December 2022



Email: research.helpdesk@xjtlu.edu.cn

REIO is mainly responsible for industry-university research cooperation, research achievements and innovation research platform operation. It aims to promote the construction of a research productivity innovation service system with ecological integration and value creation in XJTLU.


Email: research.helpdesk@xjtlu.edu.cn

RMO is a functional department supporting scientific research at XJTLU. The Office is in charge of the organisation, management and coordination of scientific research work at XJTLU. The main functions include providing professional support and services in the fields of research fund application, research-related policies, systems, procedures, information, and statistical support.

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