CRRC (China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation) executives from across China joined together for a final gathering on Friday 24 June at the graduation ceremony of CRRC’s International Talent Development Executive Education Programme at International Business School Suzhou at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.

Attracting more than 20 senior officials from 15 CRRC subsidiaries, the ceremony was attended by noticeable CRRC representatives such as Song Xue, deputy chief economist and director of human resources at CRRC headquarters, Xianhong Wang, deputy general manager at CRRC Changchun, and Liming Zhang, deputy director of the personnel department at CRRC headquarters.

The ceremony featured a series of group presentations that accentuated the key learning of programme participants during their four-month executive education programme at XJTLU. Presentations covered a wide range of business topics, consistently providing practical and relevant recommendations for how CRRC may improve and embolden its international operations.

The event was also attended by representatives from XJTLU, including Professor Youmin Xi, executive president of XJTLU, and Professor Adam Cross, associate dean of IBSS.

During his speech, President Xi (pictured below with participants) encouraged CRRC executives to strive to make CRRC ‘an international player’ in the advanced industrial equipment manufacturing sector. At the same time, he also stressed that all executives should demonstrate continuous improvement and aim to become ‘global citizens’.

Song Xue (pictured below) commended IBSS for its devoted and dedicated support. He said he was very impressed by the tangible achievements of participants on the four-month programme, as well as the passion and confidence demonstrated through the presentations. Following the sharing of personal learning experiences from CRRC participant representatives Xiaochuan Lu, from CRRC Changjiang, and Xiaoyin Liu, from CRRC Changchun, Mr Song added that CRRC was committed to continuing its valuable partnership with XJTLU.

The CRRC International Talent Development Executive Education Programme has received dedicated attention from staff across XJTLU. Noticeable contributions include Professor Jean Chen, dean of IBSS, who was involved as programme chair, and Dr Ellen Touchstone who was academic director of the programme.

Orientating around the theme of international business, IBSS organised and delivered the programme, which offered the expertise and experience of academic staff and representatives from18 nations. Commencing with a month of business English classes, participants progressed into a comprehensive programme of 20 courses that were tailored to align with and support CRRC’s international strategy and vision. With the programmes’ central aim being to equip participants with the skills and mind-set needed to manage a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural workforce, participants expressed high appreciation for the constant enthusiasm and support offered by XJTLU’s teaching staff. Senior CRRC officials attending the graduation ceremony also commended XJTLU for its methodology of blended learning, wherein the latest theories are mixed with practical application in industry.

Dr Li Yan, IBSS director of executive education, has led the IBSS executive education support team in providing 'excellent' support throughout the training. He said the team had made significant contribution to its success.

Professor Chen expressed her congratulations to all programme participants. As CRRC and XJTLU cooperate to begin a new programme that sends participants overseas, she encouraged all participants to become ambassadors for CRRC and China by demonstrating the highest levels of emotional and cultural intelligence. XJTLU looks forward to further strengthening its relations with CRRC and supporting its executive training initiatives. Together CRRC and XJTLU are supporting China’s one-belt-one-road policy.

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