Projects by 3 researchers at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University have passed the examination of the ‘Philosophy and Social Science Fund of Jiangsu Colleges and Universities’ and concluded with high-quality scientific output.

Dr Bing Chen (pictured above, left), from the Department of Urban Planning and Design, has long been committed to the study of applying research-led teaching. His joint project with Ying Chang and Yujie Cai titled ‘Research on New Education Models that Aim to Improve University Student Overall Competency in the Context of Chinese Ecological Civilization Development’, has generated eight papers published in journals above the provincial level.

Dr Chen’s research results are considered to have academic and application value as well as social influence in contributing to further reform of teaching methodologies.

Dr Juelin Yin (pictured above, middle), from International Business School Suzhou (IBSS) at XJTLU, led on a project titled ‘A Study of Pro-Environmental Consumer Behavior in the City of Suzhou’ and produced three high-quality papers in Social Science Citation Index journals demonstrating the scientific results of the project.

Based on a systematic review of business ethics and sustainable consumption, she conducted a large-scale questionnaire survey and collected basic data on pro-environmental consumer attitudes and behaviors on focused on analysis from the perspectives of cultural values and ethics.

Dr Lixian Qian (pictured above, right), from IBSS, looked onto new energy vehicles in the southern part of Jiangsu as a starting point for his project titled, ‘Consumer Adoption of Multi-level Low-carbon Innovations: Empirical Study in South Jiangsu Area’. Dr Qian developed preliminary modeling of consumer preferences and discussed the factors that affect the adoption of new energy vehicles.

For this project, he produced three high-quality research papers with published in a SSCI journal and two currently under review. The subject is considered to be innovative in research perspectives and methods and its results are of practical value to promote the new energy vehicle industry with advanced regional development strategies.

(Dr Bing Chen won the first prize in the 2017 XJTLU National University Teaching Innovation Award)

By Luyun Shi, translation by Yanzi Wu
Edited by Qiuchen Hu and Jacqueline Bánki

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