School of Robotics Successfully Organised Students' Visit to Dreame Tech

07 Dec 2020

On Nov. 25th afternoon, around 50 students and staff participated in an onsite tour to the Dreame Tech. Co. Ltd. organized by the School of Robotics. They visited the automatic assembly workshop of high-speed electric motor, as well as the corresponding R&D department. In this tour, students and staff had in-depth knowledge and understanding of Dreame’s latest products and R&D achievements. Dreame Tech. is a 5-year-old newly established company. It is an important R&D and manufacturing company for intelligent cleaning products in the entire Xiaomi Product Ecochain, concentrating majorly on cordless vacuum cleaner, intelligent cleaning robot, intelligent mite eliminator, intelligent hairdryer, and other intelligent cleaning products. They also hold several self-independent patents in fields including high-speed digital motors, single-view computer vision, simultaneous localization and mapping, and multi-vertebral cyclone separation, etc.

Firstly, participating students and staff came to the automatic assembly workshop of electric motors. During it, they got an idea of the application of the high-speed motors on products including vacuum cleaners, intelligent cleaning robots, and the corresponding automatic assembly production lines. In the meanwhile, they were also experiencing details in each of the relatively independent sub-branches of the intelligent automatic assembly line with their own eyes. As such, they had grown a whole vision on the specialized knowledge in both intelligent robotics engineering and intelligent manufacturing engineering.

Then, they arrived at the R&D site of the Derame Tech., and continued their tour in core business branches including industrial design, software development, and testing, etc. Engineer representatives in each of the branches gave them detailed introductions on their corresponding responsibilities, and in the meanwhile, they presented their work in both videos and real products. As such, our students gained chances to observe the actual work of engineers from the Dreame R&D teams. Simultaneously, they had an in-depth and extensive discussion with Dreame engineers on some of the related professional and technical topics.

Finally, Ms. Lili Cao, CEO assistant of the Dreame Tech., briefly introduced the current actuality and the future development plans of the company to the students and staff. Besides, she held interactions and discussions on our students’ profession choice, personal growth, career path, etc. from the perspective of a leading company in the contemporary cleaning robotics industries. Later on that, Mr. Shengle Wang, the co-founder and the VP of the Dreame Tech., shared his experience and thinking in establishing a new business and company, as well as his outlook and vision for the future development of robotics and artificial intelligence with our students. He encouraged them to lay solid foundations during their studies to promote capabilities in solving complicated problems and logical thinking. Also, with his entrepreneurship experience, he encouraged our students to combine theoretical learning with practice in their daily studies and endeavor to think and act, so as to start their own business and career in the future.

After the tour, the participating students, staff, and representatives from the Dreame Tech. took group photos together. In such a visit, the participating students from the Entrepreneur colleague not only experienced the latest products and technology developed by the Dreame Tech. They are but also stimulated with deep thoughts and enthusiasms in continuing studies and self-growing. At the same time, as a successful newly-established company, Dreame Tech. also gave the students in the Entrepreneur Collage a real model for their future entrepreneurship journey.

07 Dec 2020