Academy to educate film and creative technology leaders

09 Jun 2021

It was a dual celebration as Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University marked its 15th anniversary and launched a driver for the future in its new Academy of Film and Creative Technology.

The Academy’s unique blend of media, creative technology, entrepreneurship, education, industry and other societal resources was celebrated 22 May, with events continuing through 28 May, including the first MEGA Creative Media Festival, the inaugural Film, New Media and Creative Technology Summit, and a Digital Media Arts Exhibition.

The collaboration is another example of cutting-edge advancement to prepare students for futures as leaders in film and television, new media, games, digital entertainment, and other film and creative technology industries. It also is an example of the University’s most recent education model, which combines the resources of schools, enterprises, society and research institutes.

“The Academy of Film and Creative Technology is one of the representative projects of XJTLU’s 3.0, which will explore how universities can leverage educational and societal resources to create an ecosystem that furthers education and innovation,” explained Professor Youmin Xi, XJTLU’s executive president (pictured above).

The Academy is designed to be multi-locational and will concentrate on three different entities. The first phase focuses on the University’s existing resources, combining the School of Film and Television Arts in Suzhou and the School of Cultural Technology in Taicang. The second phase focuses on developing the XJTLU-Enlight Film School in Yangzhou. The third phase will be the Institute of Culture and Creativity, which will offer online and onsite teaching. Potential locations include the Greater Bay Area and other centres of creativity in China.

Ling Shen, director-general of Suzhou Broadcasting System, said that the cooperation is a practical exploration to enhance film and television media and meet the goal of promoting integrated development of both the Suzhou Broadcasting System and XJLTU.

“As the most influential media company in Suzhou, we are a full-solutions provider with state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience in digital displays,” Shen said. “We are happy to contribute to the Academy of Film and Creative Technology teaching and provide a broad stage for students to learn, think, practice, understand, and further unblock the path from theory to practice. We will build a pattern in which education and practice are deeply integrated.”

From left, Zhijiang Wang; Xun Zhou; Jiantao Zhang; Professor Qiuling Chao, Professor Youmin Xi, Professor Stuart Perrin, Ling Shen, Hong Yuan, and Tianqi Wu

Government and industry representatives attended the ceremony and delivered speeches, including Ling Shen, Jian Zhu, Deputy Director of Suzhou Gusu District Economic and Science and Technology Bureau, Ningyi Li, Deputy Director of Suzhou Industrial Park’s Cultural Tourism Bureau, Jianglin Zhang, President of Suzhou Film Association, Biwei Xing, President of Suzhou New Media Federation, and Hong Yuan, General Manager of Enlight Real Entertainment (Yangzhou).

Professor Stuart Perrin (pictured above), Associate Principal of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang), and Ling Shen, Director-General of Suzhou Broadcasting System, signed a cooperation agreement between XJTLU and Suzhou Broadcasting System. Both entities will share in industry development, teaching innovation, talent cultivation and industrial research.

Professor Li-Chuan Evelyn Mai (pictured above), Dean of the School of Film and TV Arts, Associate Dean of the School of Cultural Technology, spoke at the first MEGA Creative Media Festival. She said she has witnessed the practice and innovation of the school's teaching philosophy, providing a platform for students to display their works and communicate with others. She thanked industry professionals for their cooperation and support and the student team for their efforts, noting their achievements.

“MEGA” is an integrated concept of Media, Exhibition, Graphics, and Arts. The ceremony focused on displaying students’ final-year projects, with a supplement of works from undergraduates or other art schools.

The first Film, New Media and Creative Technology Summit was held in the School of Film and TV Arts building. Professionals from various industries, including film, television, media, and entertainment, discussed the future development trends in film and television and creative industries.

In attendance were Hong Yuan, General Manager of Enlight Real Entertainment (Yangzhou), Xun Zhou, Co-founder of Beijing Daqian Sunshine Animation Co., Ltd, Daojun Gong, Vice President of Seasun Games, Huajun Nie, CEO of Shenzhen Nanpai Culture and Technology Group, Xixiao Chen, Producer of Mango TV Film and Television Center, Yunfeng Jiang, President of Yingzhiyan Film, Zhijiang Wang, Deputy Chief Editor of Chinese Channel of Phoenix TV and Wei Sun, Director of Mango TV Damang Project.

By Wenzhen Li
Translated by Yadi Chen
Edited by Kathleen Green Pothier
Photos courtesy of MEGA Team

09 Jun 2021


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