XJTLU recently signed a cooperation agreement with the International Centre for Higher Education Innovation under the auspices of UNESCO (UNESCO-ICHEI).

Through the collaboration, XJTLU Learning Mall users will have access to the curriculum resources from the International Institute of Online Education, an online platform developed by UNESCO-ICHEI that aims to develop teachers’ information and communication technology skills.

This strategic partnership will support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, promote inclusive, equitable and high-quality education, and provide lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Ming Li (left), Director of the Innovation Centre and Professor Qiuling Chao (right), Party Committee Secretary and Vice President of XJTLU, attended the event and signed the agreement.

UNESCO-ICHEI focuses on the need for digital transformation in developing countries in Asia and Africa. By collaborating with flagship universities in various countries, the organisation aims to equip university teachers with hybrid teaching and learning skills, and promote quality and equitable education and lifelong learning opportunities for more people.

Professor Chao said hybrid education is the future, and UNESCO-ICHEI’s goals are in line with XJTLU’s mission – to influence the development of education both in China and the world. “XJTLU looks forward to collaborating with UNESCO-ICHEI in international exchange and curriculum development.”

Li welcomed XJTLU as a global partner, and said the English courses and faculty trainings on XJTLU Learning Mall will empower UNESCO-ICHEI’s digital education and technological development.

Jing Wang, Deputy Director of XJTLU Learning Mall, said: “XJTLU has more than a decade of experience and curriculum resources in areas such as educational technology and academic staff information literacy. With our international vision as a joint-venture university, we can share our experience in digital education, deliver quality educational content in English, and benefit more teachers and students.”

Dr Xin Bi, Director of XJTLU’s Centre for Knowledge and Information and Learning Mall, said: “This strategic cooperation is of great significance. XJTLU will be able to further let quality educational resources ‘go out’ and bring in world-class educational resources via Learning Mall. Through the collaboration, we will promote digital transformation of higher education in developing countries and contribute to global education equity and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.”


By Wendie Lu
Translated by Xiangyin Han
Edited by Xinmin Han
Photo by Learning Mall

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