International Connections at XJTLU

December 13, 2023

Recent events demonstrating XJTLU’s international connections included:

  • An XJTLU’s School of Science agreement with a South Korean university and a Chinese innovation centre to establish the International Joint Frontiers Materials Research Laboratory;
  • XJTLU’s second Culture Dive event; and
  • A University of Liverpool delegation visit to XJTLU’s School of Mathematics and Physics.

MoU launches international materials research laboratory

XJTLU’s School of Science recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish the International Joint Frontiers Materials Research Laboratory. XJTLU signed the MoU with Pusan National University in South Korea and the Yangtze River Delta Carbon Fiber and Composite Technology Innovation Center (CCIC) in China.

Professor Xiaosu Yi, Executive Director at CICC, and Professor John Moraros, Dean of XJTLU's School of Science

“In the realm of carbon fiber and composite materials, there are still vast and exciting territories to explore,” said Professor Xiaosu Yi, Executive Director at CICC.

According to Professor Yi, these materials can be used in a wide array of applications, including aerospace and other forms of transportation, wind turbines and other mechanisms for renewable energy, construction, and sports and medical devices, he said.

“The potential is immense, but to be fully exploited, it requires more than individual expertise,” he said. “We need an international platform and teamwork that leverages the best of our abilities to accelerate the pace of discovery and, especially, application.”

The laboratory will provide resources to facilitate cross-border collaborations, provide opportunities to train and co-supervise young scientists from across the world, and foster a global community of research excellence.

By Professor John Moraros
Edited by Tamara Kaup
Photo by Zuofu Wang

Second Culture Dive event features kite making, fosters understanding

On 1 November, more than 50 students and staff from all over the world participated in the second Culture Dive at XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) The event, themed Beyond Tradition, aimed to appreciate diversity and foster understanding through activities such as sharing about cultures, making paper kites, “writing a word to the future”, playing games and more.

The tradition of making kites has a long history in China. According to China Highlights, kites were invented during the Warring States period (475-221 BCE). Initially used for military purposes, kites later became a popular form of entertainment and artistic expression.

Traditional Chinese kites are made of bamboo frames and lightweight materials such as paper. The designs usually feature animals, mythical creatures, or intricate patterns. Some kites are also shaped like birds.

Students making paper kites

Kites also hold symbolic meaning in Chinese culture. They are often associated with good luck, prosperity, and the hope for a bright future.

Medhav Kumar Goonjur, a PhD student from Mauritius, said: “This is a very meaningful activity that allows me to take a break from my study. I can put down the pressure of scientific research for now and just enjoy the moment with my friends together.”

A student writing down wishes

In a speech, Dr Xiaojun Zhang, Chief Officer of Education at XJTLU and Team Leader of the XEC Collective Leadership Team, emphasised the importance of breaking down cultural barriers between East and West, and fostering closer connections within the community.

“I hope this event can help students and staff better understand each other’s cultures, and strengthen our internal communication,” he said.

Professor Alvaro Collar, Dean of the School of Cultural Technology, gave an introduction of cooperative projects among XJTLU, domestic museums, and art galleries. He also presented XEC students’ digital works, showcasing the School’s cultural and technological development.

Professor Alvaro Collar

Beyond Tradition was the second Culture Dive event this academic year. It was organised by University Marketing and Communications and held at the University’s at XEC. It also marked the beginning of the Centre’s trial operation phase.

By Yiman Zhao
Edited by Xiaoyan Jin, Yi Qian and Xinmin Han
Photos by Jingrui Duan


University of Liverpool Delegation visits XJTLU’s School of Mathematics and Physics

A delegation from the University of Liverpool visited XJTLU’s School of Mathematics and Physics 27‒29 November to discuss teaching, research and development goals and enhanced collaboration.

One member of the Liverpool delegation was Professor Corina Constantinescu, Director of the Institute for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. She has taught many XJTLU students during her 12 years at the University of Liverpool.

Professor Corina Constantinescu

“Our objective is to enhance research collaboration and facilitate joint PhD supervision,” she said. “Additionally, we intend to discuss our current programmes and future plans. We believe that meeting in person will significantly impact and strengthen our partnership, yielding mutual rewards.”

Dr Joel Haddley

Dr Joel Haddley, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Liverpool, said he is impressed by students he taught from XJTLU’s 2+2 articulation route, who show great independence in their learning. In the 2+2 route, available for many study programmes, students spend the first two years at XJTLU in Suzhou and their final two years at the University of Liverpool.

During the visit, Dr Haddley gave a public lecture on “The Mathematics of Pizza Slicing - Disk Dissections and their Combinatorics.”

By Qinru Liu
Edited by Tamara Kaup
Photos by Qinru Liu

December 13, 2023


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