Research Management Office kicks off 2024 NSFC application workshops

December 22, 2023

Last month, the University held the 2024 NSFC Kick-off and Experience-Sharing Workshop to increase the quantity and quality of project applications for the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

In his opening speech, Professor Fei Ma, Associate Vice President of Research and Impact, underscored the all-encompassing nature of the NSFC programme, which boasts the broadest scope of research disciplines in China. He encouraged XJTLU researchers to actively participate in NSFC applications.

2024 NSFC Kick-off and Experience-Sharing Workshop

The Research Management Office (RMO) further explained the NSFC funding scheme, historical XJTLU application and funding data statistics, and the 2024 NSFC project application plan and arrangement.

In 2023, 13 XJTLU projects were awarded a total of 4,280,000 in funding, compared to 2019’s 11 projects totalling 4,100,360 RMB.

Experience sharing session

Past awardees Professor Zexin Zhang and Dr Li Li from the School of Science shared their experience regarding the NSFC application.

Professor Zhang has been awarded several NSFC projects in the past 12 years, including the Excellent Young Scientists Fund, the General Programme, and the Young Scientists Fund.

Drawing from his experience as an NSFC reviewer, Professor Zhang emphasised the importance for applicants to put themselves in the reviewer’s shoes. He advised applicants to draw reviewers’ attention to key messages but be cautious when thinking outside the box. Creative messaging can help an application get noticed, but it’s more important to pay close attention to details, he explained.

Professor Zexin Zhang

Dr Li shared her experience of being awarded the NSFC Young Scientists Fund for her first application in 2021. She recommended developing a strategy before writing a proposal. She suggested that young applicants should unearth and analyse their strengths through their publications, original datasets and CVs and link them to the right type of proposal.

Dr Li also stressed the significance of innovative thinking in the project and suggested young applicants conceptualise research questions from a novel standpoint and integrate novel research methods with original data to highlight innovation capability. She also recommended using concise, logical and plain language when writing.

Dr Li Li

To fully prepare for 2024’s NSFC applications, the RMO has established a dedicated task force to support and assist XJTLU scholars.

In the next two months, the RMO will organise information sessions featuring experts from both within and outside the university, catering to various categories of NSFC applications.

For more information about NSFC applications, please contact the RMO via

Photos and text courtesy of the Research Management Office

Edited by Patricia Pieterse

December 22, 2023


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