XJTLU Multimedia Centre connects with community

02 May 2024

On 19 April, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University inaugurated its Multimedia Centre at XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) (XEC). The event welcomed nearly 500 guests, including government representatives, journalists, XJTLU students and staff, and local residents from the Yangtze River Delta region.

Professor Youmin Xi delivers a keynote speech during the opening ceremony of the XJTLU Multimedia Centre


A hub of engagement and outreach

The Centre, now accessible through an online booking system, is a platform for the University’s brand display and a venue to hold professional discussions.

XJTLU Multimedia Centre

It also showcases the University’s media outreach with visualised numbers. According to University Marketing and Communications, over 40 Chinese media outlets report on XJTLU every year, producing more than 700 news releases. Globally, media outlets pick up XJTLU’s stories and expert comments about 3,000 times annually in more than 20 countries and regions, featuring news, student stories, campus activities, and research expertise.

Yuhao Liu, student volunteer (left), gives visitors at the XJTLU Multimedia Centre a tour

At the event, Dr Xiaojun Zhang, Chief Officer of Education of XJTLU and Team Leader of XEC Collective Leadership Team, said: “The College is fully open to the outside world. We hope to let XJTLU’s voice be heard, build new connections, and develop new collaboration opportunities.”

Dr Xiaojun Zhang delivers a keynote speech at the XJTLU Multimedia Centre


High Tech High Tea

The Multimedia Centre opening was part of XEC’s second High Tech High Tea, an annual event that showcases technological advancement and educational exploration. It aims to provide XJTLU students, staff, and the wider community an opportunity to discover the campus and exchange ideas in a collaborative and engaging environment.

The event consisted of an AI bazaar, a coffee bazaar, and the XJTLU Syntegrative Education exhibition.

High Tech High Tea

At the AI bazaar, visitors experienced AlphaGo, XIPU AI (XJTLU’s generative AI tool), and other AI-related interactive activities.

Yuhao Liu, a Year Three student at the School of Intelligent Finance and Business, said that students find XIPU AI useful.

“We use it to help us quickly find useful academic materials and get inspired,” Liu said.

A visitor at the AI bazaar

At the coffee bazaar, a robotic barista attracted many visitors to stop by.

The robotic arm making coffee

Shihao Wang, a laboratory technician at XEC, said that the robotic arm uses path planning technology and a control system to ensure accuracy.

“These technical details are introduced in XEC’s programmes, such as those related to intelligent robots and applications and robot programming operating systems,” Wang said.


XJTLU Syntegrative Education exhibition

To help visitors gain more insights into XJTLU’s efforts in future education, the Centre also featured an exhibition about XJTLU Syntegrative Education, a model that integrates disciplines with industry, management, and entrepreneurship.

XJTLU Multimedia Centre ribbon-cutting ceremony. From left to right: Tiantian Xu, Deputy Head of XJTLU University Marketing and Communications; Hui Liu, Chief Operating Officer of XEC; Professor Youmin Xi, Executive President of XJTLU; Xinhua Gu, Deputy Head of Taicang Municipal Bureau of Education and Director of Taicang HEI Development and Services Centre; Dr Xiaojun Zhang, Chief Officer of Education of XJTLU and Team Leader of XEC Collective Leadership Team; Li Chen, Regional Director of Xingwenzhijiao (Nanjing) Technology Corporation; Zuoyu Sun, Year Three student at the School of Intelligent Finance and Business


By Haolun Xu
Edited by Xinmin Han
Photos by University Marketing and Communications, XJTLU

02 May 2024