Language and Technology

Language and Technology

This group investigates the role of technologies in linguistic research and language pedagogy, and the impact of technology on language. It draws on existing strengths in AI and multilingualism, corpus linguistic technologies and language learning, and computer mediated communication, with potential collaborations with the School of Languages and the School of Advanced Technology, as well as further afield with the School of Science and XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang).

The group builds on a track record of internal and external grant success including from the Key Programme Special Fund, Research Development Fund, Teaching Development Fund, Suzhou Science and Technology Project and HSK International Research Fund.



Virtual/Visiting Fellows 2022-23

Professor Hua Chen

Dr. Hua CHEN is a professor of Applied Linguistics, Nanjing University. She serves as executive committee members in a number of language associations in China. Currently, she is undertaking one key NSSFC project and one provincial research grant. Her research interests include second language acquisition, ELT, ESP, etc.