Lecture 3

Lecture 3

Lecture 3

Speaker:  Professor Marc Aurel Schnabel

Professor Marc Aurel Schnabel, a pioneer in digital design and virtual reality environments, has been shaping the future of design in higher education for over 25 years, with his work spanning Germany, China, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. 

He is now the Dean of the Design School at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, coming from Japan, where he was the founding director of the “FORUM8 Research Lab” to develop solutions for virtual buildings and cities. He’s been honoured as a CAADRIA Fellow and sits on many international government funding boards. 

Throughout his career, he’s written many influential papers about digital architecture and put together digital architecture exhibitions. He also started the ‘Digital Architecture Research Alliance’ (DARA) and the online group ‘Urban Digitalics’ to connect professionals and researchers in novel digital design. 

Topic: Breaking Boundaries: Exploring Inclusive Designs in the Digital Realm 

Abstract: In this presentation, Professor Marc Aurel Schnabel shares unique insights on how digital design and virtual reality can transform spaces into welcoming and creative environments for everyone. Drawing from his extensive experience in architecture, digital design, and teaching worldwide, he presents a compelling vision for leveraging digital tools in space design. 

His vision integrates concepts from virtual reality, digital heritage, smart cities, and cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain in creative fields. His talk is designed to inspire innovative thinking about designing our world and explore how digital design can enhance spaces for everyone, considering factors like user experience, accessibility, and sustainability. 

The presentation outlines a practical approach to embracing digital tools as vital partners in creating inclusive physical and virtual environments. He demonstrates this through exhibitions, intriguing case studies, and collaborative projects, showing how the fusion of virtual reality and creativity can generate exciting new experiences for everyone. 

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