Innovation Platform for Chronic Disease Study

The innovation platform will employ expertise from the R&D team of the XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy. The research focuses of the platform include machine learning and AI-assisted drug design, new drug targets and mechanism of action study, drug synthesis and mass production, formulation, pharmacology and toxicology, neurobiology and model animal study, etc. The R&D team will collaboratively tackle the challenges of developing drug candidates to treat neurodegenerative diseases, improve public understanding of neurodegenerative diseases, and therefore discover novel approaches to treat neurodegenerative diseases. On the basis of platform development and project demands, the platform is recruiting research scientists and postdoctoral researchers, aiming to integrate high-quality biopharmaceutical resources worldwide, breakthrough the education mode of traditional universities, promote high-level of international collaborations, and advance talent recruitment and the aggregation of research outputs.

Research areas

  1. AI-based/Computer aided drug design
  2. Drug targets and mechanism of action study
  3. Drug synthesis and mass production
  4. Formulation, Pharmacology and toxicology research
  5. Neurobiology and model animal study

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