• XJTLU Maker Space

XJTLU Maker Space, founded in May 2019, provides working spaces, platforms, and resources to enable more partners and entrepreneurs a place to create and collaborate.

XJTLU Maker Space provides furnished offices and several multi-functional areas, such as a 3D printing centre, FPGA centre, GPU centre, DGX station, etc. It gives users the resources needed to develop their intellectual property for hardware and software.

At present, XJTLU Maker Space has more than 20 companies and teams incubating, involving artificial intelligence software development, industrial internet, virtual reality product development, smart chip development, and more.

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Activities

XJTLU International Innovation Hub regularly organises branded innovation and entrepreneurship activities such as Innovation Factory Open Day and Wisdom Lake Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leadership Workshop. It occasionally organises large-scale events with external industry giants or well-known schools and companies, such as hackathons, Yangtze River Delta Zhichuang Cup and more.

Through professional and diversified activities, XJTLU International Innovation Hub aims to bring together the resources and expertise in the park, Suzhou and the wider southern Jiangsu area by attracting entrepreneurs and makers, creating an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training

XJTLU International Innovation Hub aims to provide industry consulting services, leadership education and training for SIP-based entrepreneurs, and various types of training for enterprises and governments at all levels in Suzhou, to serve the upgrading and transformation of enterprises throughout the city.

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