Core business

Core business

XJTLU Maker Space

XJTLU Maker Space, founded in May 2019, performs the social service function of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. Integrating the influence of many resources and disciplines, and combining with the comprehensive advantages of Suzhou, it provides working spaces, platforms, and resources to attract more partners and entrepreneurs. XJTLU Maker Space is committed to becoming a hardware and software incubation space for intellectual property, providing full life cycle enterprise incubation services for entrepreneurs, creating a well-known brand that is in line with international standards, and providing a cross-border innovation and exchange platform for international software and hardware makers.

XJTLU Maker Space provides not only furnished offices, but also several multi-functional areas, such as 3D printing center, FPGA center, GPU center, DGX Station, etc. It has formed a strong team of innovation and entrepreneurship mentors, providing one-on-one entrepreneurship guidance to the incubating entrepreneurial teams and enterprises, regularly holding entrepreneurship salons, roadshows, entrepreneurship competitions, entrepreneurship education and training activities, and helping entrepreneurs connect with internal and external resources, committed to becoming a catalyst and promoter for XJTLU to achieve the ecological coordinated development of “society-industry-university”, and has incubated more than 30 enterprises and teams, involving fields such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, industrial software, and intelligent chip development, etc.

Innovation & entrepreneurship activities and training

XJTLU International Innovation Hub regularly organizes branded innovation and entrepreneurship activities such as “Wisdom-Lake Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leadership Workshop”, “Innovation Factory Open Day”, “Innovation Exploration”, “Innovation and Entrepreneur Mentor” Program and occasionally organizes large-scale innovation and entrepreneurship events with external industry giants or well-known institution.

In addition, IIH consistently offers training in innovation, entrepreneurship, such as “Entrepreneurship & Innovation Training”, “Technological Innovation Training”, “Technology Talent Empowerment Training”.

Innovation Factory

XJTLU Innovation Factory was initiated by International Innovation Hub(IIH), inspired by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Fab Lab, and the Innovation Factory serves both the campus and the community. Fab Lab, the micro-assembly laboratory, is a small factory which can manufacture any product and device. XJTLU IIH wants to explore and incubate innovation projects and innovation-driven start-up teams based on innovation workshops. The Innovation Factory not only opens to teachers, students and communities across the university, but also shares systems with MIT Fab Lab to communicate with makers around the world and share ideas.