Visions & Missions

Visions & Missions

The XIPU Institution, a think tank with financial support from the Suzhou municipal government and the Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee, was established by XJTLU in October 2017.

The XIPU Institution conducts policy-related empirical research and provides suggestions on local development for the government of Suzhou.

The XIPU Institution integrates the professional knowledge from universities, governments and industries in breaking down local, domestic and international regional barriers to provide guidance to government decision making and policy setting for innovative and sustainable development of SIP and Suzhou.

It is an international platform for China and the rest of the world.


XIPUI’s visions are to promote the sustainable development of China and the Yangtze River Delta, to help build relations between the East and the West, and to be a China’s think tank with a global perspective.


  • to provide policy recommendations for the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of political, economic, social, cultural, and scientific and technological innovation for China and the Yangtze River Delta;
  • to promote the regional integration of the Yangtze River Delta;
  • to build a platform for the cooperation between the East and the West through cultural exchanges and a global outlook.