Course Introduction

Course Introduction

The curriculum comprehensively covers media management, fast cutting, fine editing, colour grading, audio, visual effects synthesis, output delivery and other professional film and television production processes, as well as DaVinci Resolve software expertise. Experienced teachers from the School of Film and TV Arts (SoFTA), DaVinci Resolve international certified instructors, and senior colourists in the industry will teach students how to skillfully use DaVinci Resolve software through different types of practical cases such as movies, advertisements, short videos, etc., master the colour grading workflow, and help students pass the international certification exam smoothly.

  • Basic class

Understand the ins and outs of colour, strengthen the foundation of digital video, establish the concept of the entire process of film and television production, and master the skills of DaVinci colour grading. Suitable for beginners with no foundation, enthusiasts or practitioners who want to enter the film and television colour grading industry, students and teachers of related majors in colleges and universities, etc.

  • Advanced class

Higher-order skills improvement, more comprehensive system learning, comprehensive analysis of business projects, and industry-leading experience sharing. Suitable for practitioners with a certain foundation in colour grading who want to improve their skills, as well as students and teachers in related fields in universities.