Design Fab Lab

Design  Fab Lab

Design Fab Lab is under the Department of Architecture and Design, XJTLU with multiple workshops and equipment for model making, prototyping and digital fabrication. It includes,

1. Laser Cutting Workshop

Three Trotec Speedy 300 laser cutters with a bed size of 726×432mm and cutting & engraving capabilities;
One 华之尊LASER4000 (600×1000mm) laser cutting and engraving machine;
One华之尊LASER3000 (700×500mm) laser cutting and engraving machine;

2. Timber Workshop

Bench drills, disc sanders, circular saws, band saws, strip sander, large-scale bench saw and jointer with multiple hand tools

3. Printing Workshop

Six Large-format poster plotters HPZ6200 ;
Five A3&A4 colour printers;
Seven A3&A4 scanners;
Three Electric trimmer;

4. 3D Printing Workshop

Two Ultimaker 2;
Two Ultimaker 2+ Extended;
Two Formlabs Form;
Three MakerBot Z18;
Two Flashforge Creator pro;
Eleven Flashforge Dreamer;
Six Tiertime UPBOX;
One Zero-tech Z Rapid iSLA 550;
One Stratasys Objet 24;

5. Assembly Workshop

Twelve workbenches with manual tools for model making.

6. CNC Workshop

Two CNC milling machines DPINNOV, with working size 60cm×90cm and 200cm×120cm;
Multiple small-scale milling machines and lathes;

7. Clay Workshop

One Clay 3D printer, WASP 40100;
Six clay rotary machines;

One Kiln ovens;
One Dry box;

8. Robotic Workshop

Two UR10 robotic arms with 3D printing facilities;

The KR 10 R1100-2 robot with 6 axes;

9. Other facilities available, which include,

One spray booth;
Six portable projectors;
Twelve HD TV screens;
Twenty hot wire foam cutters;
Three DJI drones;
Two heating ovens;
Soldering stations;
A1 size drawing boards;
Numerous other tools;

Computers with professional software, which include,

One iMac lab with 29 iMac computers;
One PC lab with 29 Dell PCs;
120 Dell workstation computers distributed to students in the design studios;