Growth in China will redefine patterns of consumption, production, and cultural influence for generations to come. As China-based companies shift to a designed-in-China strategy and international firms increasingly focus on the Chinese market, career opportunities for graduates of our programmes should be abundant. Students therefore will be afforded more flexibility in choosing careers based on their interests, or further pursuit of advanced degrees.

With this in mind, our students benefit from the experience of our international academic staff, who are actively promoting creative, innovative and responsible solutions to the pressing questions facing architects today.

We place great emphasis on developing students’ creative, critical and analytical thinking skills through direct engagement with the task at hand, as well as testing limits through experimentation. These skills enable our students to drive forward new models in the art and science of architectural design, with ideas and approaches informed by both Chinese and Western knowledge traditions.

Through our architecture programmes, students acquire a solid background in architectural theory, materials and technology. In view of both technological and aesthetic approaches, this provides a solid base from which to forge new avenues for the practice in both China and the West. The department also produced Masterplanning the Future (MPTF), an independent online architecture magazine in China and recently students put ‘Grid’ social media magazine of architects online.

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