Examples of ongoing research projects

Examples of ongoing research projects
Year Awarded  Project Name  Principal Investigator  Funding Body
2023 Holographic Construction in Circular Design Mia Tedjosaputro RDF-22-01-003
2023 Medieval Proto-Urbanism of the Dzhetyasar Culture – Trade, Politics and Settlement along the Silk Road Martin Goffriller RDF-22-01-074
2023 The Intersection of Drone Documentation and Performance Art within the Urban and Landscape Ecologies Kimvi Nguyen RDF-22-02-084
2023 Influences and reciprocities between Italian “Progetto Urbano” and the new Chinese city: The New city of Pujiang by Gregotti Associati Alessandro Cece RDF-22-02-085
2021 Invasive species Francisco Teo Hidalgo Nacher RDF 2021 Round 1
2019 Design and Optimization of the Internal Skeleton Geometry for Making Extra-Light Precast Concrete Panels Iasef Md Rian RDF 2019 Round 1
2018 Strategies for integrating empirical approaches to
embodied cognition into architectural design processes
Claudia Westermann RDF 2018 Round 1
2017 Large-scale rapid energy modelling of buildings Marco Cimillo RDF 2017 Round 1
2017 A Parametric Form Language for Fibre Reinforced Concrete Prefabricated Elements Using 3D Printed Formwork Davide Lombardi RDF 2017 Round 1
2016 Mapping Architectural Criticism in China Yiping Dong RDF 2016 Round 1
2016 Developing an energy building stock model for Jiangsu Province Marco Cimillo RDF 2016 Round 1
2016 Rethinking Suzhou
Urban regeneration strategies for China historical centres
Juan Carlos Dall’Asta RDF 2016 Round 2
2015 Situating Independent Chinese Architects in Modern China Jiawen Han RDF 2015 Round 1
2015 A Void at the Centre: The Possibility of Courtyard Housing Yiping Dong RDF 2015 Round 2
2014 Visualising Patterns of Occupation in the Old Pugao Village Glen Ivanovic RDF 2014 Round 2
2023 Affective reflections on the urban transformation in Chinese cities: Changing ordinary affects in everyday places Jiawen Han REF-22-02-001
2023 Embedding ARAD (Augmented Reality Aided Design) in Design Pedagogy Mia Tedjosaputro TDF22/23-R25-186
2023 Digital Fabrication for Design: A New Pedagogical Approach Giancarlo Di Marco TDF22/23-R25-191
2021 Architecture Assembly: mobilising a community through gamification Davide Lombardi TDF20/21-R22-151
2020 Research-Led Learning-by-Doing: An Interdisciplinary Design-Build
Workshop through Designing and Constructing a Lattice Shell
Iasef Md Rian TDF19/20-R19-122
2019 Consolidating the BIM Concept in Architecture and Civil Engineering Curriculum Davide Lombardi TDF17/18-R16-107
2023 Optimization Of Steel Reinforced 3d Printed High Performance Concrete Structures Giancarlo Di Marco DES-SPF
2023 Environmental Performance and Retrofit of Heritage Complexes in Suzhou – The Case of the Shadow Garden Marco Cimillo DES-SPF
2018 Research on Architectural Features of Traditional Architecture in Wuxi Yiping Dong Wu’xi Landscape Architecture Design Institute Co.Ltd
2018 Research Report on Craftsmanship and Inheritance of Traditional Architecture in Wuxi Yiping Dong Wuxi City Garden & Classical Architecture Co., Ltd
2018 Research on Cultural Herita e Resources of Traditional Villa es in Jukou Count Yan’in District Nan’in Cit Fu’ian Province Yiping Dong Rural Plannin Service Center of Jukou Count Yan’in District, Nan’pinq City
2019 Built Heritage and Local Sustainable Development Services-Taihu Lake Basin Historical Garden and Traditional Villages Cooeration Project Yiping Dong World Heritage Institute of Traning and Research For Asia and the Pacific (WHITRAP)-Suzhou
2019 2019 Yanping China International Rural Art Harvest – Invited Site-specific Artwork Project Yiping Dong Shanghai Ruan Yisan Heritage Foundation
2019 Memorandum of Understanding For the purpose of Research Collaboration Yiping Dong Jukou County Municipality, Yanping District, Nanping City, Fujian Province
2020 Building Heritage and Local Sustainable Development – Historiography and Heritage Values of Suzhou Classical Garden Cooperation Project Yiping Dong WHITRAP-SUZHOU
2020 2020 Yanping China International Rural Art Harvest – Invited Site-specific Artwork Project Yiping Dong Shanghai Ruan Yisan Heritage Foundation
2018 The Role of Materiality in the Work of Japanese Architects SANAA Jing Yang Jiangsu University Natural Science Research Programme
2019 Research on the vicissitude of Chinese architects’ professional consciousness and public consciousness under the background of globalization and transnational practice Jiawen Han Humanities and Social Science Programme of Ministry of Education (Young Scientists Fund)
2015 Western Origins of Chinese Modern Industrial Buildings and the Localization Process-Case study of Textile Mills in Jiangsu and Shanghai Area Yiping Dong NSFC (Young Scientists Fund)
2017 Users & Distributed Renewable and Interactive energy systems (DRIs): a comparative study between the United Kingdom and China Marco Cimillo Global Challenges Collaborative Research Awards 2017-18
2019 Paperless Drawing Method and Vernacular Tectonic Adam Brillhart KSF