Department-led Conferences and Seminars

Upcoming Conferences and Seminars

Recent Conferences and Seminars

  • Cross Country Comparison in Investment Behaviours and Implications for Sustainable Finance, by Dr. Haili Wu on October 26th

External Seminars

  • Dynamic Pricing, Objective and Subjective Quality, and the Price-Quality Relationship, by Dr. Régis Chenavaz, from Kedge Business School on November 28th
  • Bank Heterogeneity and the Deposit Channel of Monetary Policy, by Dr. Oliver de Groot, from University of Liverpool on November 27th
  • A Tale of Two Networks: Global Value Chains and Trade Disputes, by Dr. Dazhong Cheng, from Fudan University on November 22nd
  • Inefficiency of Segmented Mobility Sharing Markets and How to Solve It, Hongmou Zhang, from School of Government at Peking University on October 23rd
  • Coopetition in Omnichannel Operations, by Dr. Lin Liu, from from School of Economics and Management of Beihang University on October 20th
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