Scholarly and Professional Activities

Scholarly and Professional Activities



Presenter Conference


Dec. 16, 2023

Yang Chen

The Tenth International Conference on The Chinese Economy: Past, Present and Future Historical immortal folklores and modern innovation-greenwashing nexus: Is it greenwashing or green championing in China?
Dec. 14-15, 2023 Bo Jiang The 11th Hong Kong Economic Association Biennial Conference The impact of political uncertainty on bank lending: Evidence from China’s anti-corruption
Dec. 8-9, 2023 Ye Bai Virtual CCPF-JIFMIM Symposium Core-periphery interbank network and bank risk: Evidence from Kenya
Nov. 18-20, 2023 Xin Gu Southern Economic Association (SEA) 93rd Annual Meeting Social conformity or complementarity: Peer effects in online learning
Nov. 11-12, 2023 Haili Wu The 2023 Cross Country Perspectives in Finance (CCPF) – Sustainable Finance Special Theme Conference Cross country comparison ininvestment behaviours and implications for sustainable finance
Sep. 16, 2023 Bo Jiang Autumn Workshop of Economic Fluctuation and Growth Forum Misallocation, income redistribution, and economic efficiency
Sep. 4-5, 2023 Sheng Zhao British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA) Annual Conference of the Northern Area Group Does declining air pollution levels always signal higher premium for housing market
Aug. 28 – Sep. 1, 2023 Mofei Jia 62nd European Regional Science Association (ERSA) Congress Credit card debt puzzle in China: A survey study
Aug. 28 – Sept. 1, 2023 Zhenyu Su 62nd European Regional Science Association (ERSA) Congress Assessing the determinants of foreign direct investment in European city real estate markets using the gravity model: An empirical investigation
Aug. 28 – Sep. 1, 2023 Shun Wang EEA-ESEM (European Economic Association-Econometric Society European Meetings) Barcelona 2023 Minimum wage and unemployment: Evidence from Russia
Aug. 25-27, 2023 Xin Gu Xiangjiang River Forum in Economics, Finance and Management for Young Scholars Does the closeness of peers matter? An investigation using online training platform data and survey data
Aug. 16-19, 2023 Bo Jiang The 50th European Finance Association (EFA) Annual meeting (EFA 2023) The impact of Fintech on banking: Evidence from banks’ partnering with Zelle
Jul. 28-30, 2023 Haifeng Fu 2023 Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society in East and Southeast Asia Endogenous free trade agreements in a North-South model
Jul. 21-22, 2023 Tianshu Li The 10th International Workshop on Regional, Urban, and Spatial Economics in China Water right trading and regional development: Quantitative evidence from China
Jul. 12-15, 2023 Zhenyu Su 29th European Real Estate Society (ERES) Annual Conference Short-term booking and rents cycles: Evidence from Asia-Pacific cities
Jul. 10-14, 2023 Anton Bondarev The 23rd Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS 2023) Multi-periodic hybrid limit cycles and near steady-state stabilization in pollution control problems
Jul. 1-2, 2023 Ye Bai The 1st Annual Conference of the Financial Analytics Research (FAR) Society The Heterogeneous impact of the source of income on rural credit access barriers in China
Jun. 30- Jul. 2, 2023 Haifeng Fu 2023 Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society in China On the endogenous formation of free trade agreements
Jun. 24-25, 2023 Syed Abbas The Chinese Economists Society (CES) 2023 Annual Conference Asymmetries in monetary policy: Zero Lower Bound and r*<0
Jun. 24-25, 2023 Hao Lan The Chinese Economists Society (CES) 2023 Annual Conference Testing for bubbles in the housing market in the presence of policy interventions
Jun. 24-25, 2023 Tianshu Li The Chinese Economists Society (CES) 2023 Annual Conference Double-blind review and academic fairness: Evidence from alumni connections in China
Jun. 22-24, 2023 Ye Bai The Eighth (2023) Cross Country Perspectives in Finance (CCPF) Conference Core-periphery interbank network and bank risk: Evidence from Kenya
Jun. 22-25, 2023 Anton Bondarev The 2023 North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society Differential game of renewable resources with sliding modes and hybrid limit cycles
Jun. 22-24, 2023 Sheng Zhao The Eighth (2023) Cross Country Perspectives in Finance (CCPF) Conference Price dynamics, policy intervention and bubble in housing market: Evidence from top-tier cities in China, US and UK
Jun. 12-13, 2023 Haili Wu Behavioural Finance Working Group 16th International Conference A qualitative and quantitative analysis of theimpact of eco-cultural background on investment decision making by professional fund managers
May 18-21, 2023 Mofei Jia 2023 Asia-Pacific Economic Science Association (ESA) Meeting Impact of online environment on individual and group performance: An experiment
Dec. 17-19, 2022 Marc Gronwald 16th International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE 2022) Macroeconomics with a thick pen
Dec. 14-16, 2022 Marc Gronwald  7th AIEE Energy Symposium Are global crude oil markets also more integrated in efficiency
Jul. 31 – Aug. 4, 2022 Marc Gronwald 43rd IAEE (The International Association for Energy Economics) International Conference Global, hemispheric, and regional temperature anomalies – How different are they and what does it mean?
Jun. 29 – Jul. 3, 2022 Yang Chen 97th Annual Conference – Western Economic Association International (WEAI) Innovating China through automation?
Jun. 29 – Jul. 3, 2022 Ming He 97th Annual Conference – Western Economic Association International (WEAI) Land use regulation, land reclamation, and industrial productivity: Evidence from China
Jun. 29 – Jul. 3, 2022 Nimesh Salike 97th Annual Conference – Western Economic Association International (WEAI) Exchange rate effects on China’s exports: Product sophistication and exchange rate elasticity
Jun. 28 – Jul. 1, 2022 Linjia Zhang The Eighth Conference of the International Association for Tourism Economics (IATE) Malmquist productivity indices and plant capacity utilisation: New proposals and empirical application
Jun. 28-30, 2023 Linjia Zhang 7th QATEM (Quantitative Approaches in Tourism Economics and Management) Workshop Tourism industry performance and regional heterogeneity: A best practice change approach
Jun. 27 – Jul. 1, 2022 Anton Bondarev Optimal Control Theory and Applications (OCTA 2022) Sliding modes in  the management of renewable resources
Jun. 25-26, 2022 Syed Abbas The Chinese Economists Society (CES) 2022 Annual Conference Monetary policy in inflation targeting countries
Jun. 25-26, 2022 Bo Jiang The Chinese Economists Society (CES) 2022 Annual Conference Monetary policy, funding cost and banks’ risk-taking: Evidence from the United States
Jun. 25-26, 2022 Tianshu Li The Chinese Economists Society (CES) 2022 Annual Conference Outdoor air pollution exposure and the incidence of acute health problems
Feb. 1-4, 2022 Wenting Zhou 2022 Special ESA (Economic Science Association) Meeting Attitudes towards risk and uncertainty with information quality and quantity: A lab experiment

External Seminars

Date Speaker University Topic
Dec. 15, 2023 Tinghua Duan IÉSEG School of Management Consumers’ reaction to corporate ESG performance: Evidence from store visits
Nov. 28, 2023 Régis Chenavaz KEDGE Business School Dynamic pricing, objective and subjective quality, and the price-quality relationship
Nov. 27, 2023 Oliver de Groot University of Liverpool Bank heterogeneity and the deposit channel of monetary policy
Nov. 22, 2024 Dazhong Cheng Fudan University A tale of two networks: Global value chains and trade disputes
Oct. 23, 2023 Hongmou Zhang Peking University Inefficiency of segmented mobility sharing markets and how to solve it
Oct. 20, 2023 Lin Liu Beihang University Coopetition in Omnichannel operations
Jun. 26, 2023 Yuan Ju York University The English housing market mechanism
Jun. 21, 2023 Chengsi Wang Monash University Media bargaining and investment incentives
May. 26, 2023 Mingming Ma Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Gender in-group bias: Evidence from judicial documents
May. 19, 2023 Liuchun Deng Yale-NUS College Irreversibility, complementarity, and the dynamics of public good provision
May. 12, 2023 Tianyang Xi Peking University Drinking water facilities and inclusive development: Evidence from rural China
May. 3, 2023 Thorsten Upmann University of Oldenburg Wage bargaining and employment revisited: Separability and efficiency in collective bargaining
Apr. 27, 2023 Gang Wang Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Are we becoming greener? Life-time experiences and responsible investment
Apr. 21, 2023 Sheng Huang China Europe International Business School Corporate digitalization: Firm-level measurement and effects
Apr. 14, 2023 Tong Fu Guizhou University Risk culture as a blessing in tourism development: Long-run effect of epidemic disasters on economic performance
Apr. 13, 2023 Karyn Morrissey Technical University of Denmark The cost of our fossil fuel addiction: Climate change & Human health
Apr. 7, 2023 Constantin Bürgi University College Dublin Overreaction through anchoring
Mar. 17, 2023 Xinming Li Nankai University Social trust, financial system architecture, and the role of banks
Mar. 10, 2023 Liuchun Deng Yale-NUS College Trade, human capital, and income risk
Nov. 18, 2022 Jing Ran University of International Business and Economics Market penetration and trade liberalization: Micro evidence through trademarks time
Oct. 12, 2022 Tong Wang University of Edinburgh Strategical content provision and online networks
Oct. 11, 2022 Ruoyu Chen University of Windsor Evaluating power sector emissions under China’s regional carbon ETS pilots: A view from space
Sep. 28, 2022 Shengyu Li University of New South Wales Productivity and output quality of multi-product Firms
Sep.16, 2022 Chang Ma Fudan University The effect of the China Connect