Recent Publications

In the past five years (2020-2023), our faculty have published the following thesis in international journals:

Year Project Title Authors Journal
2023 Do we innovate atop giants’ shoulders? Fushu Luan
Yang Chen
Ming He
Donghyun Park
European Journal of Innovation Management
2023 Air pollution, water pollution, and robots: Is technology the panacea Song, Jian
Yang Chen
Fushu Luan
Journal of Environmental Management
2023 The political economy of energy transition: The role of globalization and governance in the adoption of clean cooking fuels and technologies Acheampong
Alex O.
Eric Evans Osei Opoku
Kingsley E. Dogah
Technological Forecasting and Social Change
2023 Monetary policy, funding cost and banks’ risk-taking: evidence from the USA Bürgi Constantin
Bo Jiang
Empirical Economics
2023 Optimal liquidity allocation in an equity network Bo Jiang
Hector Tzavellas
International Review of Economics & Finance
2023 Can a house resale restriction policy curb speculation? Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment in China Hao Lan
Fernando Moreira
Sheng Zhao
International Review of Economics & Finance
2023 Business optimism and the innovation-profitability nexus: Introducing the COVID-19 adaptable capacity framework Lim King Yoong
Diego Morris
Research Policy
2023 Public debt, Chinese loans and Optimal exploration-extraction in Africa Chuku Chuku
Lin Lang
King Yoong Lim
Energy Economics
2023 Synchronisation among short-term rental markets, co-movements and cycles in 39 European cities Paloma Taltavull de La Paz
Raul Pérez Sánchez
Francisco Juárez Tárraga
Eloisa Norman Mora
Zhenyu Su
2023 Early childhood health shocks, classroom environment, and social-emotional outcomes Weina Zhou
Shun Wang
Journal of Health Economics
2023 Gray skies and blue moms: The effect of air pollution on parental life satisfaction Han Ahram
Gi Khan Ten
Shun Wang
World  Development
2023 Does distance still matter? Moderating effects of distance measures on the relationship between pandemic severity and bilateral tourism demand Yang, Yang
Linjia Zhang
Laurie Wu
Zhenlong Li
Journal of Travel Research
2022 The New Keynesian Phillips Curve and Imperfect Exchange Rate Pass-Through Abbas Syed Kanwar The BE Journal of Macroeconomics
2022 Asymmetry in the regimes of inflation and business cycles: the New Keynesian Phillips curve Abbas Syed Kanwar Applied Economics
2022 Sliding modes in the management of renewable resources Anton Bondarev
Thorsten Upmann
2022 Deposit Competition, Interbank Market, and Bank Profit Bo Jiang
Hector Tzavellas
Xiaoying Yang
Journal of Risk and Financial Management
2022 On periodic solution to control problem with time-driven switching Gromov Dmitry
Anton Bondarev
Ekaterina Gromova
Optimization Letters
2022 How ongoing structural change creates a double dividend: outdating of technologies and green growth Anton Bondarev
Alfred Greiner
Portuguese Economic Journal
2022 Industrial robots and air environment: a moderated mediation model of population density and energy consumption Fushu Luan
Xinhui Yang
Yang Chen
Paulo José Regis
Sustainable Production and Consumption
2022 The contribution of human development towards environmental sustainability Eric Evans Osei Opoku
Kingsley E. Dogah
Olufemi Adewale Aluko
Energy Economics
2022 Carbon emissions convergence and determinant analysis: Evidence from ASEAN countries Kingsley E. Dogah
Sefa Awaworyi Churchill
Journal of Environmental Management
2022 Dynamic tariffs and climate policy interaction: An economic analysis of welfare implications in retail electricity markets Presley K. Wesseh Jr
Kingsley E. Dogah
Energy Research & Social Science
2022 Monetary policy surprises and interest rates under China’s evolving monetary policy framework Liang Fu
Chun-Yu Ho
Emerging Markets Review
2022 Measuring informational efficiency of the European carbon market—A quantitative evaluation of higher order dependence Cristina Sattarhoff
Marc Gronwald
International Review of Financial Analysis
2022 Retailer heterogeneity and price transmission Hao Lan
Tim A. Lloyd
Steve McCorriston
Christopher Wyn Morgan
American Journal of Agricultural Economics
2022 Are food price promotions predictable? The hazard function of supermarket discounts Hao Lan
Tim Lloyd
Wyn Morgan,
Paul W. Dobson
Journal of Agricultural Economics
2022 Driving restrictions, traffic speeds and carbon emissions: Evidence from high-frequency data Tianshu Li
Shunfeng Song
Yanmin Yang
China Economic Review
2022 Water markets’ promise: the Murray–Darling Basin Peter Debaere
Tianshu Li
Environmental Research Letters
2022 Firm‐level impact of the global financial crisis: Evidence on innovation from Latin America King Yoong Lim
Diego Morris
International Journal of Finance & Economics
2022 Financial inclusion, financial technology, and economic development: A composite index approach Fan Liu
Barnabé Walheer
Empirical Economics
2022 Building financial resilience through financial and digital literacy in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa ,Josephine Kass-Hanna
Angela C. Lyons
Fan Liu
Emerging Markets Review
2022 Inbound tourism and bilateral trade, evidence from China Yingchan Luo
Linjia Zhang
Yuan Zhang
Current Issues in Tourism
2022 Dynamic Technical Performance Measurement in Rural Tourism: An Empirical Study From China Hongzhang Zhu
Ying Liu
Yingchan Luo
Linjia Zhang
Journal of Global Information Management (JGIM)
2022 Empirical tests of stochastic binary choice models Addison Pan Theory and Decision
2022 A theory of unanimous jury voting with an ambiguous likelihood Simona Fabrizi
Steffen Lippert
Addison Pan
Matthew Ryan
Theory and Decision
2022 Making of an innovative economy: a study of diversity of Chinese enterprise innovation Nimesh Salike
Yanghua Huang
Zhifeng Yin
Douglas Zhihua Zeng
China Finance Review International
2022 The impact of exchange rate changes on the Japanese chemical industry Willem Thorbecke
Nimesh Salike
Chen Chen
Japan and the World Economy
2022 Remittance and its Effect on Poverty and Inequality: A Case of Nepal Nimesh Salike
Jingyi Wang
Paulo Regis
NRB Economic Review
2022 Sources of Energy Poverty: A Factor Analysis Approach for Spain Paloma Taltavull de La Paz Francisco Juarez Tarrega
Zhenyu Su
Paloma Monllor
Frontiers in Energy Research
2022 Are households’ residential preferences consistent with biodiversity conservation in different urban contexts? Camille Regnier
Gengyang Tu
Sophie Legras
Mohamed Hilal
Cécile Détang-Dessendre
Housing Studies
2022 Estimating the Impact of Relative Financial Circumstances in Childhood on Adult Mental Wellbeing: a Mediation Analysis Karyn Morrissey
Tim Taylor
Gengyang Tu
Applied Research in Quality of Life
2022 Tourism Productivity Indicators In a Multiactivity Framework Barnabe Walheer
Linjia Zhang
Tourism Analysis
2022 Malmquist productivity indices and plant capacity utilisation: new proposals and empirical application Kristiaan Kerstens
Jafar Sadeghi
Ignace Van de Woestyne
Linjia Zhang
Annals of Operations Research
2022 Tourism Productivity Indicators In a Multiactivity Framework Barnabe Walheer
Linjia Zhang
Tourism Analysis
2022 Does soft information in expert ratings curb information asymmetry? Evidence from crowdfunding and early transaction phases of Initial Coin offerings Tong Wang
Sheng Zhao
Mengqiu Zhou
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money
2021 Economic development and the structure of cross-technology interactions Anton Bondarev
Frank C. Krysiak
European Economic Review
2021 R&d policy in the economy with structural change and heterogeneous spillovers Anton Bondarev Macroeconomic Dynamics
2021 Games without winners: Catching-up with asymmetric spillovers Anton Bondarev Dynamic Games and Applications
2021 The effects of urban transformation on productivity spillovers in China Ming He
Yang Chen
Charles van Marrewijk
Economic Modelling
2021 Effect of trade and economic policy uncertainties on regional systemic risk: Evidence from ASEAN Kingsley E. Dogah Economic Modelling
2021 Dynamic interconnectedness and risk contagion among Asian financial markets Kingsley E. Dogah
Gamini Premaratne
The Singapore Economic Review
2021 On the existence of Pareto undominated mixed-strategy Nash equilibrium in normal-form games with infinite actions Haifeng Fu Economics Letters
2021 Morality, mediation and wisdom: A Comparative study of the teachings of Master Huineng and Luangpor Teean Haifeng Fu Prajñā Vihāra: Journal of Philosophy and Religion
2021 Identifying price-leadership structures in oligopoly Sang-Hyun Kim
Hao Lan
Paul W. Dobson
Oxford Economic Papers
2021 Fishy labeling: Inter‐regional inequality of truthful product information Sang-Hyun Kim
Hao Lan
Contemporary Economic Policy
2021 An experimental study of gender differences in agency relationships Yaxiong Li
Erwann Sbai
Ananish Chaudhuri
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics
2021 China’s exports in a protectionist world Willem Thorbecke
Chen Chen
Nimesh Salike
Journal of Asian Economics
2021 Investigating China’s Outward FDI in the European Real Estate Industry with a Gravity-Model-Based Benchmark Zhenyu Su
Paloma Taltavull de La Paz
Martin Haran
Real Estate Finance
2021 Applying the Fama and French three-factor model to analyze risk/reward in the Spanish REITs: an ARDL approach Zhenyu Su
Paloma Taltavull
Journal of European Real Estate Research
2021 The nature of technological change in the Chinese hotel sector Nicolas Peypoch
Yuegang Song
Linjia Zhang
Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research
2021 Why does regional information matter? evidence from peer-to-peer lending Tong Wang
Sheng Zhao
Xin Shen
The European Journal of Finance
2021 Is solicitation status related to rating conservatism and rating quality? Sheng Zhao
Fernando Moreira
Tong Wang
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money
2020 Global warming and technical change: Multiple steady-states and policy options Anton Bondarev China Economic Review
2020 Commodity price pass-through and inflation regimes Syed Kanwar Abbas
Hao Lan
Energy Economics
2020 A new theory for explaining the momentary change of subjective wellbeing Haifeng Fu World Without Anger: A Cross-cultural Journal on Emotional Intelligence
2020 Technical efficiency and technology gap of the manufacturing industry in China: Does firm ownership matter? Barnabé Walheer
Ming He
World Development
2020 Spillovers and path dependences in the Chinese manufacturing industry: A firm-level analysis Ming He
Barnabé Walheer
The Journal of Development Studies
2020 Technology intensity and ownership in the Chinese manufacturing industry: A labor productivity decomposition approach Ming He
Barnabé Walheer
National Accounting Review
2020 Curbing the consumption of positional goods: Behavioral interventions versus taxation Armenak Antinyan
Gergely Horváth
Mofei Jia
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
2020 Positional concerns and social network structure: An experiment Armenak Antinyan
Gergely Horváth
Mofei Jia
European Economic Review
2020 Empirical research on the Fama-French three-factor model and a sentiment-related four-factor model in the Chinese blockchain industry Ziyang Ji
Victor Chang
Hao Lan
Ching-Hsien Robert Hsu
Raul Valverde
2020 Bidirectional technological spillover in the Chinese star-rated hotel sector: An empirical investigation Barnabé Walheer
Linjia Zhang
Yingchan Luo
Economic Modelling
2020 Export sophistication and trade elasticities Willem Thorbecke
Nimesh Salike
Journal of Asian Economic Integration
2020 East Asian flying geese paradigm and product space Chen Chen
Nimesh Salike
Willem Thorbecke
Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies
2020 Classroom experiments as a replication device Tony So Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics
2020 Covid-19 infection process in italy and spain: Are data talking? Evidence from arma and vector autoregression models Paloma Monllor
Zhenyu Su
Laura Gabrielli,
Paloma Taltavull de La Paz
Frontiers in Public Health
2020 Do contextual factors matter? Evidence from Chinese hotel productivity with heterogeneity Hai Dong
Nicolas Peypoch
Linjia Zhang
Tourism Economics

Major Grants

International research grants

Calendar Year Project Title Faculty Name Amount Funding Source
2021 Delivering inclusive financial development and growth. Ye  Bai UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
2022 Food behaviours and preferences in China Tony So

National research grants

Calendar Year Project Title Faculty Name Amount Funding Source
2022 The impact of competition of social status on games with strategic complementarities in social networks: theoretical and experimental studies. Mofei Jia National Natural Science Foundation of China (PI)
2022 The impacts of information overload on investment decision making. Wenting Zhou Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (PI)
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