Research Achievements

Research Achievements

Recent Publications

Year Project Title Authors Journal
2023 Political stability and credibility of currency board Feng Shu
Liang Fu
Chun-Yu Ho
Wai-Yip Alex Ho
Journal of International Money and Finance 137 (2023): 102911
2023 Heterogeneous effects of robots on employment in agriculture, industry, and services sectors Sun Wenyuan
Zhonghui Zhang
Yang Chen
Fushu Luan
Technology in Society 75 (2023): 10237
2023 Globalization and inflation dynamics: evidence from emerging economies Gao Liuna
Syed Kanwar Abbas
Hao Lan
Applied Economics (2023): 1-18.
2023 Bank stability in the uncollateralised overnight interbank market: A topological analysis Bai Ye
Pia Weiss
Victor Murinde
Christopher J. Green
International Review of Economics & Finance 88 (2023): 1223-1246.
2023 Monetary policy as market stabilizer in the COVID-19 pandemic Shan Yimin
Yang Chen
Yajun Xiao
Finance Research Letters (2023): 103960.
2023 Classmates and friends matter! Peer effects on cognitive ability formation Gu Xin China Economic Review 79 (2023): 101910.
2023 The ripple effect of animal disease outbreaks on food systems: The case of African Swine Fever on the Chinese pork market Acosta, Alejandro
Tim Lloyd
Steve McCorriston
Hao Lan
Preventive Veterinary Medicine 215 (2023): 105912
2023 Intuitive Investment Decision Making Across Cultures. Wu, Haili Developing the Intuitive Executive: Using Analytics and Intuition for Success (2023)
2023 Optimal liquidity allocation in an equity network. Jiang Bo
Hector Tzavellas
International Review of Economics & Finance 85 (2023): 286-294

Major Grants

International research grants

Calendar Year Project Title Faculty Name Amount Funding Source
2021 Delivering inclusive financial development and growth. Ye  Bai UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
2022 Food behaviours and preferences in China Tony So

National research grants

Calendar Year Project Title Faculty Name Amount Funding Source
2022 The impact of competition of social status on games with strategic complementarities in social networks: theoretical and experimental studies. Mofei Jia National Natural Science Foundation of China (PI)
2022 The impacts of information overload on investment decision making. Wenting Zhou Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (PI)