PhD Student

PhD Student

Ao Yang
Research Topic: Momentum via Machine Learning
Supervisor: Dr. Qing Ye, Dr.Jia Zhai





Miao He

Research topic: Financial inclusion and firm performance: evidence from Chinese micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs)
Principal supervisor: Dr Ye Bai
Co-supervisor: Dr Fan Liu
UoL supervisor: Dr Michalis P. Stamatogiannis


Yimin Shan
Research Topic: Monetary Policy as Market Stabilizer in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Supervisor: Dr Yang Chen, Dr Yajun Xiao





Shuang Liang
Research Topic: Dual-listed A-H shares: Impacts of market integration on share pricing and trading, and the role of the media in differential share price reactions to earnings announcements
Principal supervisor: Prof. Stephen Gong
Co-supervisors: Dr. Brian Wright
UoL supervisor: Prof. Charlie Cai

Jincheng Zuo
Research Topic: Green finance, ESG, investor sentiment
Principal supervisor: Dr Jia ZHAI
Co-supervisor: Dr Qing YE
Co-supervisor: Dr Shimeng SHI

Ruochen Lu
Research Topic:Investor Attention and Salience Effect in the Chinese market.
Principal supervisor: Dr. Qing Ye
Co-supervisors: Dr. Xingnong Zhu
UoL supervisor: Dr. Minjoo Kim

Xuan Zhang

Research Topic: The Effect of Government Intervention on Patent Collateral Finance: Evidence from Chinese SMEs; The impact of patent as quality signals on banking finance access
Principal supervisor: Dr.Li Xie
Co-supervisors: Dr. Peng Cheng
UoL supervisor: Dr. Vasileios Kallinteraki


Mingge Zheng
Research Topic: Environmental, Social and Governance issues
Dr. Xiaowu. Cai
Dr. Xun Lei
Dr. Haosi. Chen



Pujian Yang

Research Topic: Sentiment, information, and asset pricing
Dr. Yajun Xiao
Dr.Chengyu Yang
Dr. Jiatao Liu



Haojun Ji
Research Topic: Path-dependent portfolio theory and asset pricing
Dr. Tony He
Dr. Jiatao Liu