Research Centres

Research Centres

Centre for Fintech Studies (CFTS)

While finance academics are aware of the vast potential for machine-learning (ML) models to test intriguing new research questions, they generally lack the computational resources and technical knowledge to apply ML models in an efficient manner that can also convince journal editors, referees and industry practitioners on the reliability of their ML model results. The CFTS acts as a platform to consolidate all FinTech-related research activities within the Department of Finance at IBSS. The CFTS has two objectives, the first of which is to gather together the school’s research on machine-learning applications in the core Finance research areas of Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing and Financial Markets. Secondly, the Centre was created to serve as a platform for interactions between academic staff and relevant stakeholders, specifically academics and industry practitioners in the field of Data Science. Fulfilling these two objectives enables the CFTS to enhance the efficiency of FinTech-related projects implemented at IBSS.


Equipped with Bloomberg Terminals, the Bloomberg Finance Lab allows professors to bring the real world into the classroom and provides students with the same platform used by the world’s leading banks, corporations and government agencies, allowing them to enhance their academic studies across a wide range of disciplines. Our Bloomberg Finance Lab allows students to monitor and analyze a vast amount of real-time news, market data and even earn their Bloomberg certification, which is just one of many ways we help our students gain real-world skills to stand out in the job market.


This lab provides a widely-used database and platform in the financial industry, via which students can access company financial data and economic indicators and news, analytics, and productivity tools. These contents can equip students with professional knowledge and practices in the industry, such as Datastream, Workspace (previous Eikon platform), and Bloomberg. By self-studying the well-defined training modules/videos provided by Refinitiv (the previous Thomson Reuters) and Bloomberg, students have opportunities to obtain the three certificates (i.e., Bloomberg, Datastream, and Workspace certificates) after successfully passing online tests. This database training will enhance students’ macro and micro-analytical abilities based on current (real-time) and historical financial and economic data across global economies and financial markets.