Our graduates' views

Our graduates' views

Graduates from the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering enjoy great success, going onto study and work at a host of international institutes and companies.

Lei Fang, class of 2010/11

“What I benefited from the most from my undergraduate study [at XJTLU] was the problem-solving and self-learning skills. The [Computer Science and Software Engineering] department not only taught us the knowledge and skills required for our degrees but also trained us as quick learners, equipping us with the skills to survive in the fast-changing world. I was admitted to St. Andrews [University in the UK] as a PhD student with full studentship. Were it not for XJTLU, I would never have achieved this.”

Steven Yu, class of 2011/12

“The three-year study progamme trained me from a high-school graduate with interests to explore the world of computer science, into a qualified university student with a systematic understanding of the area, the necessary abilities to conduct research of the highest level, and competitive strength to study at some of the top universities in the world. After all these experience, I can say that studying at computer science and software engineering at XJTLU will be an unforgettable and fruitful experience in your life.”

Now pursuing postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford, UK.

Haofan Zhang, class of 2011/12

“The experience of my four years of undergraduate study at XJTLU was far beyond my expectations. During my last two years of study, I was fortunate enough to have opportunities to participate in exciting research projects with our excellent staff members. The precious experience has provided me a solid foundation to continue my academic studies and pursue my research interests in the future.”

Now pursuing postgraduate studies at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Yakubu Audi, class of 2012/13

“After much searching and evaluation of universities, I decided to pick XJTLU since its primary teaching language is English, the computer science courses were well established and Suzhou is a beautiful and peaceful learning environment. XJTLU already has a bright future in that it can become one of the best international English teaching universities in China. The learning environment of the Dushu Lake higher education town is a great location for students in terms of safety, cleanliness and close proximity to the University. In time as its expansion and popularity increases, XJTLU will definitely attract more international and local students to undertake undergraduate and higher studies.”