Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


The vision of the School is to lead microelectronics science and engineering education, research and practice in China through a future-focused learning ecosystem.


Our mission centres on these pillars of excellence:

  • To create a highly integrated microelectronic science and engineering higher education hub connecting society, industry and university that cultivates transdisciplinary technology elite professionals embodying Syntegrative Education attributes.
  • To spearhead research-led teaching in microelectronic science and engineering in maximising values research outcomes and to adopt flexible learning and teaching experiences that are multi-modal and multi-locational in line with XJTLU’s Syntegrative Education model.
  • To broker connected research through industry-led research opportunities that mutually benefit the School and industrial partners.
  • To rally and facilitate whole-community engagement in microelectronics science and engineering through collaboration with industries in all aspects, including knowledge transfer and focused consultancy to industrial partners.
  • To extend our international reach through furthering networking possibilities with diverse global partners.
  • To lead the industries’ sustainable development by prediction of future trends within the microelectronics science and engineering industry to.
  • To attract excellent talents and enhance the university brand, influence and reputation nationally and internationally.