Thinking of Working at the School of Languages?

Aside from the numerous professional opportunities listed above, we have a number of practices and facilities that help make an active and welcoming workplace. Here are just a few examples:

  • Each incoming staff member is paired up with a ‘mentor’ who will help them adapt and answer any questions that they may have over their first year at the SoL.
  • Foreign staff can take advantage of free weekly Staff Chinese lessons to help them adapt to life in China.
  • The university offers a range of sports facilities for its staff, including gyms, tennis and badminton courts, football pitches, and more.
  • We have a number of staff WeChat groups for different interests (e.g. football, buy & sell, parenting, baking…).
  • During the semester, we raise money for local charities through our monthly All Things Cakey cake sales, held in our free coffee zone on the Foundation Building’s 6th floor.

If you’re interested in joining us at the School of Languages, why not check out more information about the English Language Centre and the Modern Language Centre? You can also click here for further information.

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