The Department of Chemistry has identified the following key research directions based on the strength of our academic team and the strategic direction of XJTLU:

  • Sustainable Energy
  • Functional Materials
  • Medicinal and Organic Chemistry

For a brief summary of each staff’s research interest, please click here for more information.

Links to external research partner

We have established research cooperation with local Biotech companies, Suzhou University, The University of Liverpool and the Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO).

We have links with the Marine and Environmental Sensing Technology Hub (MESTECH), an environmental research centre that focusses on marine environment monitoring, established in 2011 at the National Centre for Sensor Research, Dublin City University, Ireland. Professor Kim Lau was a member of its founding committee and remains an active member since joining XJTLU.

The Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Sensor Technology (LAMST) is under development to link to the China-Ireland Center for Advanced Materials and Sensor Development, which was established in 2007 with the China-Ireland Collaboration Funding awarded to Professor Kim Lau and Professor Xiaoxia Liu at North Eastern University, Shenyang. The main focus of the laboratory is on novel material research and their application in catalysis and sensing.