Medicinal Chemistry


MRes Medicinal Chemistry combines life science, chemistry, medicine and computational science in order to study the structure and biological activity of drugs. This discipline focuses on the discovery, development and utilisation of leading compounds by studying the mechanism of drug actions in vivo and in vitro as well as their metabolic process in the human body.

This masters programme, provided by the XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy, integrates academic development strategies with industry needs for high-quality medicinal chemists. Through the University of Liverpool’s educational discipline and superior resources, students can obtain practical experience to better support the needs of industrial enterprises.

Our aim is to train the professionals who will receive a broad base of chemical knowledge, including but not limited to:

  • Exploring the critical role of chemistry in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Solving key chemical challenges such as antibacterial resistance and human ageing
  • Obtaining extensive practical experience and familiarity with modern instrumental, laboratory, and computational techniques
  • Engaging in the design and synthesis of novel drug candidates
  • Carrying out independent and creative R&D of new drugs in academic and industrial settings
  • Understanding pertinent regulatory affairs, intellectual property regulations and related aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing and development.

XJTLU-JITRI Joint-Supervision Pathway

This programme also offers XJTLU-JITRI joint supervision pathway which leverage the strength from both XJTLU and the research institutes and leading enterprises of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI) to promote in-depth integration between industry, education and research. Through the unique training model integrating specialised module study, industrial research practice and dual supervision mechanism, we aim to cultivate cross-disciplinary talents who are innovative, application-oriented and with high-level international perspective.

Please click here to find more information about XJTLU-JITRI joint Master education.

Why should I study Medical Chemistry at XJTLU?

  • The Medicinal Chemistry programme is a key component of the Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy’s contribution to the “Pharmaceutical Valley of China”, promoting the strategic cooperative relations of pharmaceutical companies and XJTLU in accordance with regional and national goals
  • The curriculum is designed to combine advanced knowledge with practical skills to meet the needs of society and enterprise
  • Our faculty boasts outstanding professional knowledge, profound teaching experience in medicinal chemistry and life sciences, and includes experts with solid industry experience
  • Flexible semester terms: 24 months for full-time students, 36 months for part-time students
  • Personalised study plans for students with different backgrounds and future career plans
  • Convenient location near Suzhou Biological Nano Park and Suzhou Biomedicine Industrial Park (BioBAY), with over 400 pharmaceutical companies nearby providing extensive internship and job opportunities
  • All modules are taught in English to cultivate global talents with solid theoretical foundations and comprehensive skillsets
  • Graduates of this programme will have broad-ranging employment prospects and opportunities

Knowledge and skills

By the time you graduate from the MRes Medicinal Chemistry programme, you will:

  • be familiar with the chemical structures and common uses of various important drugs
  • have advanced and systematic education and training in the areas of structure-activity relationship (SAR), drug design, and chemical modification of leading compounds
  • be familiar with the discovery and development process of various important drugs, understand the latest progress, and be able to design and evaluate the synthetic routes of commonly used chemical drugs
  • develop better understanding of improved treatment solutions for hard-to-treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and cancer
  • be able to critically evaluate the current state and future of modern technologies in drug design and development
  • have a deep understanding of the theoretical background behind research projects and develop the skills to engage in scientific research in medicinal chemistry and related fields
  • develop key skills in project planning, time management, report writing, and effective communication, as well as other comprehensive and professional abilities.

This research-oriented masters programme trains and cultivates top Medicinal Chemistry professionals with sound theoretical knowledge, practical problem-solving capabilities, innovative thinking, and effective communication skills developed within an international outlook.

Yi Li

Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching


The university offers a broad range of activities aiming to enrich master students’ theoretical and experiential learning and professional development. Trainings, workshops and seminars, covering varieties of themes and topics, both generic and subject-specific, are often offered at both university and school/department levels. You may also be provided with opportunities to work as a teaching assistant, research assistant, or intern at XJTLU. Depending on the programme, field trips and company visits may be organized, and invited talks may be given by the industrial experts and professionals. Such activities will not only support you in your programme study, but also develop your personal and professional skills and enhance your overall employability.


Medicinal Chemistry is an exciting, rapidly expanding area within the broad discipline of chemistry. This MRes Medicinal Chemistry programme aims to build a solid foundation for graduates to continue their research and advanced studies, as well as prepare them well for future career opportunities A career in medicinal chemistry has nearly limitless potential. There is a huge global demand for medicinal chemistry professionals, especially in China, which will continue to grow over the coming years. Graduates have numerous employment opportunities in many areas of the pharmaceutical discipline, such as universities, government service, consulting and investment companies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, etc; other emerging industries such as artificial intelligence and new energy are looking for Medicinal Chemistry professionals as well.

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